Awkward & Awesome

-The fact that i am a stranger to my own blog! I was MIA for a month. 
-Its already December. In 31 short days the year 2011 will come to a close and we will all have a brand new beginning.
-Seeing my teacher in the hall ( as i am writing this post) and him look at me and do the little shoot me with his finger gun and wink. love the man, but....AWKWARD. He felt it too. :)
-I have been super busy the past little while, but i have yet to feel stressed and insecure with how things have panned out in my life. That never happens. 
-looking out the window and seeing the sunshine and thinking that its going to be a warm  day, then realizing you didn't consider Idahos wind chill, and you end up kicking yourself for not wearing a sweater under your coat.  
-After this semester is over in exactly 14 days, i am off track until April. Not knowing what im going to do during the break may or may not be freaking me out, but awkwardly...im okay with it. 
-when you are having a conversation with someone in another language using google translate.... and you call them your boyfriend. damnyouautocorrect...... hahaha

-Having an amazing family to spend a wonderful Thanksgiving with. 
-My favorite grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this past week. It was amazing to see and hear how crazy and wonderful their life has been at a reception we held in their honor. 
-Mexico in exactly 14 days, bring on those rays! 
-My cheerleaders have their 1st competition for this season on Saturday! 
-A couple of my cheerleaders were not able to be on the team this year, for personal reasons, and i found out yesterday from their mother that the first thing that was said when she told her girls that they werent going to be able to do cheer this year was "But im going to miss coach Kylee!!!!!!" followed by tears. It touched my heart that i have made that impact on such a sweet spirit. 
-WINNING the mock trial case in my medical law and ethics class! after preparing for half of the semester for it, the hard work paid off!  I am looking forward to sleeping on Tuesdays and Thursdays  for the next couple weeks instead of preparing for our case! 
-The Christmas Season is finally here! Bring it on!