Bucket List


In High School i had a seminary teacher, who made us make a list of 100 goals we wanted to accomplish. Spiritual, Personal, Random, ect. i just so happen to have this same teacher 3 times, so i have three different lists. i decided to add a few of my favorites!

  1. travel to Europe
  2. learn how to make Origami
  3. go skydiving
  4. learn how to cook GPA Johnson's spicy sausage dip þ
  5. go to the Logan Temple
  6. visit Disney in Paris
  7. read the Scarlet Letter
  8. go to General Conference þ
  9. read the BOM all by myself
  10. reread the twilight saga
  11. sew a dress
  12. take a cake decorating class
  13. learn more about my grandmas
  14. travel to Hawaii
  15. take a dance classþ
  16. go to the West Edmonton Mall þ
  17. take a Spanish class
  18. learn how to make gritmascoverpoe
  19. travel to Chichen Itza again and take the LDS tour
  20. go surfing
  21. play in a dodge ball tournament
  22. travel to the Bahamas again
  23. go snowboarding at Targee
  24. reread the Series of Unfortunate Events [ 1 out of 13]
  25. learn how to french braid
  26. see the Spice Girls in concert
  27. go zip lining again
  28. shake the prophets hand
  29. go on a hot air balloon ride
  30. relearn how to play the guitar
  31. go swimming with dolphins again
  32. pass my cna skills test the first timeþ
  33. pass my cna written test the first timeþ
  34. travel to Cancun again þ
  35. go on a road trip with friends þ
  36. sing in churchþ
  37. learn how to wake board
  38. bowl over 100 þ
  39. visit the Kirtland Temple
  40. see something majestic
  41. do my family history
  42. take a phlebotomy class
  43. learn how to sew a button þ
  44. learn more hymns
  45. bake double tree cookies
  46. take a pottery class þ
  47. learn how to BBQ
  48. quilt
  49. go to Ross Park
  50. go on the SkyCoaster at Lagoon þ
  51. write in a journal for a whole year þ
  52. visit Rome
  53. build a campfire
  54. build a sandcastle þ
  55. hold a frog
  56. go fishin in a boat þ
  57. drive to Ogden just to get Firestick ice cream
  58. color a whole coloring book
  59. watch all the Aladdin's in one day
  60. pick raspberries
  61. play baseball for funþ
  62. play mini golf
  63. have a water balloon fight
  64. go rock climbing þ
  65. go on a hike þ
  66. make ice creamþ
  67. make a masterpiece with sidewalk chalk þ
  68. go to Lava Hot Springs þ
  69. make a blanketþ
  70. make earrings
  71. go star gazingþ
  72. go fly fishing
  73. make pretzels
  74. dance in the rain þ
  75. make a person out of rocks
  76. make a snowmanþ
  77. drive a boatþ
  78. play hopscotch
  79. jump ropeþ
  80. go go-cart racing
  81. play pinballþ
  82. ride the merry-go-roundþ
  83. go to the Playmill Theater
  84. travel to Hollywood
  85. go to Disney and KISS Mickey Mouse þ
  86. go ice fishing
  87. go to West Yelly
  88. i want to stand in three states at once
  89. i want to see the grand canyon
  90. go see the Pack Bridge in Salmon
  91. see Chicago on Broadway
  92. take pictures on the Sinclair DiNO þ
  93. swim in a pool of noodles
  94. paint a picture
  95. hula hoopþ
  96. laugh until i cryþþþþ
  97. go roller skating þ
  98. get seashells off the sea shoreþ
  99. pull an all nighter þ
  100. watch transformers all the way throughþ
  101. travel to Jamaica
  102. have a picnic þ
  103. buy purses in Nassau again
  104. ride the Octopus at Funlandþ
  105. try every flavor of sno cone þ
  106. see the Eiffel Tower
  107. go shopping on Rodeo Drive
  108. go to Lagoon þ
  109. make it to nationals for cheer my senior year þ
  110. be kissed in the rain þ
  111. go to a YANKEES game
  112. learn how to golf þ
  113. job shadow Labor & Delivery þ
  114. attend EFY every year that i can þ
  115. go to the Sacred Grove
  116. wear my fanny pack to schoolþ
  117. learn the alphabet backwardsþ
  118. make a tie dyed shirtþ
  119. marry an RM
  120. go gleddingþ
  121. go to a Broadway show in New York þ
  122. go scuba diving again
  123. write a letter to SANTAþ
  124. go to Candy Cane Laneþ
  125. get my picture taken on SANTA'S lapþ
  126. visit the Mall of America þ
  127. graduate high school with a 4.0 GPA þ

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