Awkward & Awesome

-The fact that i am a stranger to my own blog! I was MIA for a month. 
-Its already December. In 31 short days the year 2011 will come to a close and we will all have a brand new beginning.
-Seeing my teacher in the hall ( as i am writing this post) and him look at me and do the little shoot me with his finger gun and wink. love the man, but....AWKWARD. He felt it too. :)
-I have been super busy the past little while, but i have yet to feel stressed and insecure with how things have panned out in my life. That never happens. 
-looking out the window and seeing the sunshine and thinking that its going to be a warm  day, then realizing you didn't consider Idahos wind chill, and you end up kicking yourself for not wearing a sweater under your coat.  
-After this semester is over in exactly 14 days, i am off track until April. Not knowing what im going to do during the break may or may not be freaking me out, but awkwardly...im okay with it. 
-when you are having a conversation with someone in another language using google translate.... and you call them your boyfriend. damnyouautocorrect...... hahaha

-Having an amazing family to spend a wonderful Thanksgiving with. 
-My favorite grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this past week. It was amazing to see and hear how crazy and wonderful their life has been at a reception we held in their honor. 
-Mexico in exactly 14 days, bring on those rays! 
-My cheerleaders have their 1st competition for this season on Saturday! 
-A couple of my cheerleaders were not able to be on the team this year, for personal reasons, and i found out yesterday from their mother that the first thing that was said when she told her girls that they werent going to be able to do cheer this year was "But im going to miss coach Kylee!!!!!!" followed by tears. It touched my heart that i have made that impact on such a sweet spirit. 
-WINNING the mock trial case in my medical law and ethics class! after preparing for half of the semester for it, the hard work paid off!  I am looking forward to sleeping on Tuesdays and Thursdays  for the next couple weeks instead of preparing for our case! 
-The Christmas Season is finally here! Bring it on! 


All My Love...

This little munchkin has completely stolen my heart. 
I dont know if it is possible for anyone to love more than i love her. she is the sweetest little spirit i have ever known. even when she is sick as a dog, she is beautiful. sooo Madie Kay, know that youve got your aunt ky wrapped around those tiny little fingers. i would do anything for you, thank you for being such a blessing in my life. 
i love you


Awkward & Awesome

-how fast this week went! I was so sure i was going to get at least one post in before awkward and awesome thursday happened!
-getting tipped an extra ticket at an elementary school carnival. hahaha
-how messy my room has been lately (got it cleaned before i allowed myself to blog :).)
-i've only wathed Due Date once this week. (on a good week its about 4-5 times!)
-not knowing how to work my new phone and hanging up on my sister 3 times in a row.
-getting licked by one of my cheerleaders. awky.

-the new FOOTLOOSE. it is so stinking good!
-Just Dance 3. awe. some.
-crushes. haha soooo funny.
-loooooooooooooong naps.
-getting letters in the mail, and the letter ending up being a gift certificate for a manicure and a pedicure! score!
-my new phone! I got the HTC Rhyme.... still learning how to work it.
-my dad, he is the best guy i have ever known. i dont know anyone that has done what he has for me. I love him, and am so thankful to his great example he is to me.


Awkward & Awesome

-how unmotivated i have been to blog.
-getting stopped after crossing the street by "security" saying that he was going to have to issue me a ticket, and he needed my number..... HA not gonna happen buddy, ESSPECIALLY when im late for class.
-boys tactics for getting girls numbers.
-going to the Haunted Mill on a date. i HATE scary stuff.
-blisters on the bottom of my feet, and when i say bottom i mean right below my toes.... OUCH.
-going home to spend the day with my mom, and seeing her for maybe 20 minutes.

-my roommates. i seriously love them!
-petting a real live camel.
-teachers cancelling class.
-being able to run 2 miles, especially when you've got an ouchie tailbone.
-getting to make sno cones tomorrow night, at an elementary school Halloween carnival.
-skyping my roommate, while in the same room. some may call this awkward.
-you, you know, for reading this :)


Awkward & Awesome

-the fact that it has snowed before we got a chance for fall.
the fact that this is all this post has to it.

-the snow. ok more like not awesome!

School has literally taken over my life.  i feel like when i find a free second, i remeber that i have a HUGE paper due or a project. not fun. but learning lots! maybe soon i'll find time to show that i actually am having fun at school. maybe. okay, love you bye.


Awkward & Awesome

-being so busy with school, that i have hardly had time to stalk my favorite blogs, let alone blog.
-missing last weeks awkward and awesome.
-giving a boy my dads number on purpose accident. hahaha
-when your biological father moves your little brother and sister to a new state and doesnt tell you or give you the chance to see them and say goodbye.
-when people cant admit that they're wrong, and apologize... even when you specifically come out and tell you that you  were REALLY hurt.
-forgiving people who have REALLY hurt you. [workin on it though!!]
-the HUGE blisters i got on the balls of BOTH feet. OUCH!
-being the ONLY person who is not graduating at the end of this semester. no big deal.
-not talking to this lady for a couple of weeks, although i have thought about her practically everyday hoping that she knows how much i miss her!

-realizing that im really digging into my major this semester, and LOVING it.
-finding a minute to finally blog.
-the cute boots i bought yesterday after i got done with work. yay fall!
-receiving a priesthood blessing  from my dad, i am so grateful to be able to have the blessings of the priesthood in my life!
-getting a cute card in the mail from my little brother and sister in Wyoming.
-seeing the leaves on the trees begin to start the color transformation for the fall season.
-making mac & cheese, WITHOUT the milk and butter, tastes the same, and it is a little more healthy.... ok maybe not!
-the EDITED version of the movie Due Date. freaking hilarious.

ok, back to homework! love you bye!



so you may have noticed that i have been missing in action.... well school started again today, and i was busy enjoying the last bit of my summer vacation. 
promise to update ya'll soon! 


Eastern Idaho State Fair

oh boy. first night of the fair is offically complete, and my belly is definately full. yikes.
i ate way WAY  way to much food. but it all was amazing.

my taste buds enjoyed:

mongolian beef
orange peel chicken
panko shrimp
coconut shrimp, with a pina colada sauce.... mmmm
apple pie caramel apples
snickers apples
chinese chicken salad
caramel funnel cake
cinnamon pull apart
scone nuggets
mexican corn in a cup

and much more. but luckly i didnt eat all of this by myself.
so yummy. my cousin owns one of the food vendors, which is 
the chopping block.
YUMMIEST STUFF EVER. and although im a litte biased, every one that tries his food agrees, his items include the first seven on my list! geez it was good!


me to a teee.

Kiwi Loco.

love me some fro-yo. 

and although im allowing myself to have sugar again... i choose sugar free, and it was delicious. 

and because i seem to love putting creepy pictures of myself on here for your enjoyment,  take a look at this little number.... 

i got the hysteric giggles when i saw what my face actually looked like. looks like ima bout to take that fro-yo DOWN. 

and i did. and it was delicious. 

now bring on the fair food tomorrow. 


Treasure Box

The other day, me and my family went to my grandmas. I love going to my grandparents house, because gramma ALWAYS feeds us yummy treats, and we play lots of fun games!
but this particular trip to grandma and grandpa's was especially great. 

for you to get the full greatness of this i have to tell you a little story...
while we were building our house in idaho falls, my family had to move into my grandparents house because we had already sold our house in rexburg, living with gma and gpa was a grand time. but i remember specifically one time when gramma helped make a wedding present for my father and char, (gramma used to be a seamstress, and still is the most amazing sewer i know, but she had, what seemed like, a GINORMOUS canister of buttons.) she busted out the canister of buttons and i made a picture frame out of buttons. wasnt anything special, but i loved it. still to this day i think about that canister of buttons, which i havent seen since fourth grade. lately, ive been thinking ALOT about those buttons and how fun that time with my gramma was, so last week when me and my family went out of town, i was taking with my mom, and said that i wanted to have dibs on grandma's buttons when she passed away. my mom quickly replied well your aunt nanc already has dibs on the buttons. i literally burst into tears. 
my mom giggled at me and told me to talk to my aunt about it because she was in charge of the will. well i did, and my mom was tricking me and i got dibs on the buttons! 

ok back to the real story. 

when i got to my grandma's me and my mom told her about the button conversation and she pulled out the buttons and i had to giggle, the button canister is a little smaller then a coffee canister, but it seemed like a gallon bucket to me when i was in 4th grade. :) still held the same memories though. then grandma pulled out a metal box,  pictured below....
then she told me that she wanted me to have this, and that i could take it with me now. when i opened the box, i almost died. 
my grandma gave me all her old earrings, and some old jewelry and such. 
i spent the entire rest of the evening sorting through it, picturing what sorts of crafts i could do with them, and which ones i really would just like to wear. 

thank you grandma jan, i will NEVER forget this. 


Awkward & Awesome

-my mom going up to a guy, at a water park and telling him that she thought he was bleeding, and his response, "Oh it's it just a stain, bless you."
-the bright red stain from above being RIGHT on his bum bum. awwwwwkward.
-the little kids show, SID the Science kid. hmmmm not sure what they were thinking!
-i learned that i am terribly scared of thunder and lightening storms.
-my grandpa have TWO strokes this week and the doctors not being able to figure out why they happened. (but he is home and doing awesome!)
-my new found love for Pinterest, and i dont even know how to work it. I just look at other peoples "stuff"
-the stupid fly that kept "dancing" on the TV while me and Jace Face were trying to watch a movie, and me trying to catch it and kill it, but being to afraid when it would start to buzzzzzzzz (flap its wings).

-hanging out with these peeeeps, seriously so fun. "i hate duh mooomin cuuultcha!" :) can we please play again soon?
-watching f.r.i.e.n.d.s with my niece. i dont care what ya'll say, she likes it, Joey makes her smile, and its not just cause she loves the sound.
-the conversations i have with my little cheerleaders.
-the IDAHO STATE FAIR that starts in T-minus 1.5 days! Bring on the funnel cakes, tigers ears, caramel apples, yummy shrimp, orange chicken, Mongolian beef, horse races, petting zoo, ginormous pumpkins!
-having my very own tooth brush at my sisters house.
-not eating sugar for one whole month.
-my families prayers. insert multiple giggles.

okay love you bye. 


The Time Has Come....

people.... its AUG 31st! And if you remember this post, then that means that i have officially completed one whole month without eating sugary sweets! 

im going to take a moment to pat myself on the back!

ok moment over. honestly i thought that this was going to be oh so tough, but it actually wasnt that difficult. 
do you know how many sugar free options there are out there?! 
now im not saying i didnt crave any of this....
but the last couple of weeks it was so easy to just say "no thanks" when offered a something delicious. i think that im going to continue to watch my sugar intake, but im pretty sure instead of "no thanks" i'll say, "ok, just a taste!" 


Awkward & Awesome

-sticky buttons on computers. i feel like a fool pressing you more then 8 times!
-missing a good friends wedding this weekend!
-SHOPKO. that is one classy store...
-school supply shopping with an 11 year old. make up your mind already. PLEASE.
-not working at the caboose this week!
-how addicting Pinterest is, and i cant even figure out how to pin stuff to my own board!
-when know-it-all's have to come up with an excuse as to why their "idea" didnt work.
-family planning a trip to Lagoon this week, and looking up the schedule to find out that Lagoon is CLOSED this whole week.

-family trips!
-chicken fried chicken at the rusty lantern diner! yummy!
-only eating fresh vegetables from the garden for our sunday dinner!
-cuddling with my madie kay.
-having a couple more weeks of summer before i have to start school like everyone else. although more then half my summer was spent in a class room.
-loving life, and truly being happy.
-scheduled posts!

hope everything is well at home while me and my familia go out to play! 


Back to School

Today my mom made me i had the opportunity to go school supply shopping with my 11 year old sister.... interesting. but it got me thinking, THAT was my very favorite part about a new school year. new pencils, new pens, notebooks, fancy folders, pencil holders,  scissors, glue, markers, crayons, colored pencils, rulers, the supplies are ENDLESS. I would organize and re-organize my backpack at least twice a day everyday until school started. life was truly great when i went through my supplies. 
now im lucky if i can afford my books for my classes, no new notebooks for me! 
oh to be a kid again. 


youre welcome...

soo i promised that i would let you in on a little secret, so here i am tonight! 

Nutritional supplements, dietary supplements, and liquid dietary supplements; nutritionally fortified fruit-based beverages; weight loss preparations; herbal supplements, herbal extracts, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Online ordering services featuring nutritional supplements, dietary supplements, vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements.
ok ok ok, that sounds.... rad?
no but seriously, this company got the TOP SCIENTISTS together and they researched the top 18 products/supplements that people were using, and they produced an even better product then the ones YOU are currently taking. Seriously, the products that they have created are clinical strength. they are power packed with the stuff you want. 
wanna know another secret? they have the BEST price's around.... let alone the best guarantee.. 
they have a 100% money back guarantee for 365 days. A FULL YEAR. you can even return your bottles empty. 
do your body a solid and check out these products! 

if you would like to learn some more information about VITONOMY, or to check out the AWESOME products go to:
oh and if you love your mom's and dad's and brother's and sisters, and other family members you will share this link. how could you continue to let them pay an outrageous price for a product that is only doing 1/2 of what it is supposed to? dont want that on your conscience do ya?! 

:)  ok love you bye. 


blue or green?!

soo i  was looking at the picture in my last post, and i was looking at the two photos that were taken literally seconds between each other, and i noticed that 1. i should have just showered and not tried to do anything with my hair, AND 2. my eyes are blue in one photo and green in the other. i edited the photo, but all i did was put a 1960s tint on, and it did it to both at the same time.... people always tell me i have blue eyes, then the next day they say green, i always assumed that they changed with what i was wearing... interesting! 


Awkward & Awesome

down to the wire... with just a few minutes left of Thursday, i am scurrying to figure out which moments of my week were the most awkward and the most awesome... enjoy!

-my little sister Jace Face running down the stairs around 1:30... AM. While im on the potty [ TMI: I hardly ever never shut the door... well cause im the only one downstairs ever... but anyway] Scared the HECK out of me, and i ask her what she is doing and her response.... "Well i heard you cough and assumed you were awake, and well.... do you wanna watch a movie?!"
-i only have one more caboose shift of the 2011 season..... :(
-summer is almost over... although it feels like it just began...
-Jace Face's toilet at Edwards Theater started SPRAYING... literally SHOOTING water  up after she flushed it.
-one of my best friends is moving to provo! :(
-how fast children grow up. seriously... WOW.

-VITONOMY.... a brand new company that just launched with AWESOME products... seriously the top of the line stuff, for half the cost. I will hook ya'll up with some info asap.
-seeing Glee Live 3D... so fun to relive the concert!
-seeing The Help with my sister... I read the book earlier this year and LOVED it. Seriously, if you love to read, read it, then see the movie, if you dont love/have time to read it... go see the movie. They did an awesome job!
-family prayer.. ok our group family prayers... SO FUNNY.
-my cheerleaders, they are gonna rock this year!
- i finally taught myself how to do a french braid 1/2 french braid... whatever works!
-watching my brother in laws shooting competition!
-$2.00 snocone for the man.... $3.00 tip for kylee... winning.



Trophy Scars said it best in the song "Anxiety. Anxieties."

"There's a million other things i'd like to say, but there is not enough letters in my alphabet today."

maybe tomorrow i'll catch you up on my life...
 but today, im just going to snuggle with my Madie Kay... 


Awkward & Awesome

-all the woMEN in Texas. I guess the men wanted big hair too.
-getting a nasty cough in Texas.
-being awake for over 24 hours. Seriously could not sleep.
-shopping for over 11 hours straight.
-the snotty manager at a store in Texas.
-how fast the girls trip went by. i was super sad to have it end so quickly.
-this girl ordering EVERY flavor on her sno-cone. probably the nastiest thing she ever tasted.

-how many fun memories that were made on this girls trip.
-all the fun new clothes i got on my trip!
-going to lunch with one of my best friends!
-almost two weeks of not eating sweets!
-cheer season has officially started!
-painting my nails. forgot how fun it was to switch up your color WHENEVER you want!
-the adorable lemonade stand my sister and her friend set up.

happy thursday ya'll.... :)


girls trip was good to me

suitcase before....

suitcase after.... 
plus.. a duffle bag or two full! haha

i had a blast! i made a ton of new memories with my family. cant wait until next year! 


Awkward & Awesome

-when boys insult you just to start a conversation, yeah next maybe just start with "hi."
-when people from a other ethnicity [excluding Caucasians] call themselves... "WHITE."
-having an ex boyfriend accuse you of "ruining" their new relationship. pretty sure you did that on your own.
-bum cracks. im sorry people, but im TRYING To pull my pants up and my shirt down, but you'll have to blame my dad for givin me such a high crack. (double awkward that i just talked about it.)
-the rainy weather. burrrrrrrr.
-SIX girls. ONE bathroom. ONE hotel room. ONE week. Welcome to the Girl Trip!

-this is my first official "scheduled" post. didnt wanna miss an Awkward & Awesome Thursday!
-GIRLS TRIP 2011 has officially began as of yesterday :)
-The weather in Houston (hope i didn't jinx myself.....)
-starting and finishing a book in one day. who cares if its only 169 pages. :)
-seeing a double rainbow.
-peach sugar free sno cones. where have you been my whole life?!
-dearblankpleaseblank.com [WARNING: this site is HIGHLY addictive.]

hope ya'll have a fantastic day! mine will be full of shopping!! 


"Girls Trip"

girl [g

a female child.
a young, immature woman, especially formerly, an unmarriedone.

trip [trip] 

a journey or voyage: to win a trip to Paris.
a journey, voyage, or run made by a boat, train, bus, orthe like, between two points

girls trip

  [gurls trip]
an annual week long shopping trip taken by Nancy, Becky, Sadie, Jaquel, Kylee, and Jaycee.
not for the faint of heart. six girls for one week, shopping... all day everyday. feet get pretty sore and tempers get pretty short. 

places of interest have included, Portland, Seattle, Spokane, California, Las Vegas, Montana, Coeur d'Alene, Minnesota, Edmonton, and Houston.  

 4. Formerly a Road Trip, but since gas prices have increased, plane tickets have been purchased and suit   cases leave empty and come home stuffed. 
let the games begin. :) 


In Honor of the upcoming "girls trip"....


I like my money right where I can see it - hanging in my closet. 
 - Sex and the City

Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping.
- Author Unknown

Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist
-Author Unknown

If men liked shopping, they'd call it research.
-Cynthia Nelm 

If I like it, I’ll buy it; pure impulse shopping.
-Kristin Kreuk 

Shopping isn't a hobby. It's a full time job.
-Author Unknown


Cookies are Monsters! :)

This was the Special at the Caboose on Saturday... 

yeah i deed it. 
but that is not the point. 
the point is,
 Kylee Jan Haderlie is not going to eat SUGAR for one month. 
ok try not to. 
ive began to realize that i eat ENTIRELY way to many sno cones. 

thank goodness the caboose, where i work, and get unlimited shaved ice,
 is the ONLY place in town that offers a variety of 

wish me luck. 


under construction.

uh. so i am defiantly not a graphic designer/professional blogger. 
i wanted to give my blog a "face lift" but im afraid its going to take a bit longer than i have right now. 
so please excuse the mess! :)


Awkward & Awesome

-me sleeping in until 4 pm today. WHAT? who does that!
-the amount of dust we had under our hot tub.
-moving a hot tub. talk about heavy.
-our hostess at applebees. "OH MY GOODNESS!"
-how redwood stain can make you look like ya got a rough mystic job.
-people that only want to be your friend when they want something.

-sleeping for over 15 hours straight.
-FINALLY moving our hot tub!
-eating dinner outside!
-teaching the sunbeams at church on sunday!
-learning about the second coming for fhe monday night!
-getting my room and bathroom super clean.


Summer Cleaning.

Last Friday when i moved back into my parents house, just for my seven week break, i decided that i would really clean things up, including my bathroom. and ya know what, I DID! it took me a good couple of hours but i did it! 
I was smart and decided that i would get everything  clean and organized BEFORE i moved all my crap stuff back into my room and bathroom. It worked great.
 except for the fact that when i got done with my closet i looked at it and was amazed at how organized i got it... and then realized that i had 2 full laundry baskets of clothes that i needed to fit into my closet. 

pretty sure my closet looked like someone had been living there for the past three months. yikes.... 

things were definately more squished together. 



Life's Good!!!

this little angel snuggled up against me for quite some time. :) She is three weeks old today! its crazy how fast time flys. I am soooo happy that i finally got to see her, being around her makes me realize how good life truly is! I love her oh so much! 

on a side note, i am offically moved out of my apartment in rexburg, and planning on CLEANING my room at my parents "hardcore" today... we'll see! :)


Awkward & Awesome

this DEFINITELY doesnt look like this...

-the fact that i have 2 hours until im supposed to be packed and at a water park, and all im doing is bloggin. no biggie. 
-how much crap stuff i have. ugh. 
-taking 3 finals in one day, blah.
-i havent seen my niece in a good 2 weeks. :( miss her! 
-how loud some people are in the kitchen in the morning, ESPECIALLY when they can see that there are 4 girls sleeping in the living room. 
-retirement party speeches about the signs of suicide. baha. glad he didnt pull that one at my fathers. 

-my summer break officially started yesterday at 4:30 pm!!!
-Rexburg Rapids in T-minus 2 hours! 
-getting to see my grandparents i havent seen in OVER 3 years. 
-my little brother being asked a question and his reply...
fathers coworker- "how are ya little man?"
kennington- "im not a man! im tin- tin!!"
-getting to play with my little sis and brudder.  :)
-girls trip 2011 set for HOUSTON, TEXAS! cannot wait!

ok im really gonna finish packing now... hahahahahahahahahahaha


On the Home Stretch

4 out of the 5 finals i have to take this week, are officially
talk about weight lifted off my shoulder. 
yesterday i felt like this....

There still is a few things i need to get done up here in Rexburg, but come Thursday, I'm home bound... until September! :)


Insert Eye Roll [here]

finals week is ALREADY killing me. 

happy monday. 



Rexburg Rapids

FIVE DOLLARS for a full day of fun?!
count me in. 

my mom my sisters and my cousin and her boys came up to Rexburg and we went to the fun new water park. Ive heard a lot about it. some good but mostly negative things such as its too small, mostly for little kids, but you know what? 
i thought it was fantastic. i got to lay out and read a book, and play with some cute boys. 
i cant wait for next week when i dont have to come AFTER class.