Awkward & Awesome

-the kid with the nose flute in my American Foundations class
-the nasty sore throat and cough i have acquired
-the huge ripppppppp i got in my jeans from jumpin on the tramp. seriously from the crotch to the knee. yikes.
-my owl "painting" falling on me last night... what the heck.
-the 10 minute voice mails i get from the same kid....EVERYDAY. no thank you.
-not being able to see my work family... miss you!

-completing my first week at byui without breaking too many rules!!
-going to The Daybook Blogger meet up
-the nice manicure i got with this little cutie
-getting to play with one of my bestest firends in the whole wide world
-the freaking adorable letter from this lady, annnnnnnnnd the new (and old) earrings!!! THANK YOU! love you!!
-the dollarstore trip i had with a few of my roommates
-being Gretchen for the night

that is all!! :)


better late than NEVER.

Soo here is the deal... i said i was going to show you my room.... i procrastinated taking pictures...but without further ado...lets take a tour of my room.
(prepare for picture OVERLOAD.)

standing in the hallway you will see...
 take a step inside and you will see where i sleeeeeeeep.
 this would be my bed. and the extra bed turned couch/daybed thinger. oh and that zebra uhhh curtain??? There so that i can sleep. Remember that porch light that is always on..... yeah. 
please note that the 2 cheetah pillows were made by me... and my mom... from a beach towel. 
 this would be where i study. ok maybe not but looks like it could be used for that purpose :). dont mind the fact that the magnet board hasnt been hung up yet. no biggie. 
 this would be where i get ready. you may ask why the mirror and the jewelery holder are not centered with each other.... well it is because......
 when i open the closet door it doesnt hide my jewelery! 
 do ya see that dresser there in the closet?? well the bottom drawer is filled with all my hair stuff... for example ponytail holders, gel, hair spray, headbands, curling irons, my blow dryer, straighter....ect. convenient. 
this would be where polly now lives. cute.

 this is my whooooole closet.
 please note the owl "painting" above my bed.
 as you are leaving you will see this.... the cork board will not be naked for long. i hope.
before you go... you have to take a look in the mirror. (p.s. mirror was black, from the DI $2.... i sprayed it white, sanded it, slapped on the quote, and modge podged the crap out of it.)
 probably my favorite part of the room is this. #1 its my owl. cute. #2 this sign. seriously sometimes gets me through the day. #3 the shelf they are sitting on was a find from my first DI trip.... ya know when i got the frame for my magnet board... and it was $2. nice.

well glad ya got to see meeeeeee. ok my room. :) 
hope you enjoyed all the many animal prints. hahaha


Awkward & Awesome

-the girl in my math class with turrets. animal noises every 10-15 minutes.... its gonna be a LOOONG semester.
-the hail storm the burg had today.
-the crack that is in between the ac unit and my window. talk about freeeezing.
-people telling you what you do and dont like. ummm no thanks i can form my own opinion. ya jerk.
-the porch light that is constantly on right outside my window.
-not being able to see my best buddy 3 times a week. bummer.

-being able to learn about the gospel, and get an education. 2 birds, one stone.
-seeing old friends, meeting new friends, having friends. haha.
-being so close to my little brother and sister!
-the little garden my roommates created in our living room.
-owl necklaces.
-carrots made out of Cheeto's.

that is all.


Here's the deal...

started school at byui today. interesting. i like it. i love it. i want some more of it. ok maybe not that much more. but i have a feeling this will be a good change. i still dont know what im going to do without my friends at rmpt. and my cheerleaders. life is crazy but i will do my best to keep YOU updated. picture of my room to come. promise. pinky promise. 


Awkward & Awesome

Can you believe it has already been a week? Holy cow!

-the water on top of the sour cream when it is in the refrigerator. i mean seriously, what is that.
-crushes from junior high. meaning people who've had crushes on YOU.
-sunshine. rain. and snow. all in one day. AWKWARD Idaho.
- looking at this girls senior pictures, and then BAM out of no where there is a picture of her in a chair, and this MAN standing right behind her. he is has a culdesac mullet thinger. then reading that it was her father. but seriously who takes a picture with their dad for their senior pictures?!
-telling my little tinys that they were stinky... they all give me the stink eye and frown... so i say just kidding I LOVE YOU.. and then the worst smell ever arises. i spoke way too soon.

-fake glasses, the ones without lenses.
-the DI.
-moving, but the packing part SUCKS.
-getting into all the classes that i need to this semester!
-how obbsessed with shoes my little brother is.
-the sun that is shining right NOW.
-the new chapter in my life that is about to begin!


we are for serious.

gonna miss the CRAP out of this little nerd face. 
lets make play dates k?
 ok love you bye. 



do you really wanna know? cause i'll tell ya....
 today i switched wallets and i decided to really take a look and see whats in MY wallet. 

  1. tithing slips
  2. receipt from high school for my activity card or something... it has a number written on it... but i dont know what it is for.....
  3. USU A Card and true aggie card
  4. receipts
  5. bank slip thingys they give you when you make a deposit or withdrawal
  6. ummmm cards that either give me a discount or i get rewards... you know
  7. MONEY. weird.
  8. check book
  9. post it notes
  10. thermometer 
  11. pen that i need to give back to the chilies lady
  12. visa, visa, mastercard, and ID
  13. band aides
  14. Justin Bieber movie ticket
  15. library card
  16. obama on the "3 cents" (in my opinion he aint even worth that much!)
  17. gift cards
  18. punch cards
  19. coins
wow... maybe i should do this to my purse. 


DIY Project

Remember this lovely picture...

(not the frame the actual canvas)

Remember this little guy....

Well, he has friends....

They all live in the trees....

First of all i have to admit how much this project cost me... a total of ZERO dollars. best. project. ever. 
I took the lovely canvas painting and thought that if i sanded it down it would be fine... but no i had to take the canvas off of its frame, paint it, with paint i found in my storage room, and then i re stretched it over the frame. sorta sketchy but it worked. then i did another layer of paint and let dry over night. i already had the owls made from scrapbook paper i already had, but i needed some leaves so i got to work on that, sketched out what i wanted it to look like and then painted the branches, then modge podged the leaves and the owls on. super easy and way fun. 
i got my insperation from here
wanna know what hers looked like? 
hers is way prettier but mine is fun too! 
love you have a happy weekend!


Little miss...

Sooo today i had to open up the gym at my work this morning at 6am. MEANING i had to wake up at 5, get ready in 20 minutes and drive from idaho falls to blackfoot.So not fun.anyways... around 2-2:30 it hit me. (when you dont go to bed until after midnight...it is hard to stay focused, and awake. just FYI) i went and set my head down on a desk in the back office, and within a minute or two i was out... my coworker said that i started to sigh and then giggle, and then next thing i know im awake and full blown laughing my pants off. i have no idea what or why, but it sure did happen. sorta kinda awkward, sorta kinda awesome! haha feel free to call me....



Sooo i thought that when this showed up on my desk it was the best.day.ever.

BUT... i was wrong.

Today was the BEST.day.ever. i am so luck to be surrounded by such great people!

Awkward & Awsome

-idaho weather. seriously. make up your freaking mind. do i need to wear a coat today or not?!
-how much sauce we have in our fridge.
-the massive crowd at the DI on Monday. holy moly guacamole.
-me and my little sister jay ring the door bell of this store (for assistance) because the door was locked at then lookin at the hours of operation and realizing we were an hour late so we ran back to the car as fast as we could. (in our defence the open sign was still lit up)
-the piece of dog doo doo i accidentally painted while  workin on a project... yeah that roller got thrown away.
-i only have 6 more days of work at RMPT what am i going to do without YOU.
-those fat booth photos. i mean people do you really want to even jinx yourself??
-life. always full of surprises.

-i only have 11 more days until i start classes at BYUI!
-my little sister who is a stinkin cutie turns 6. i repeat 6 this weekend! time flys!
-general conference...was it just me or was is extra awesome this time?!
- getting to see the WIENERMOBILE
-the new craft bloggies that i found this week
-photoshop, except when you cant tell if your touching up your photos or makin a blueprint for plastic surgery. lets keep it to a minimal girls. :)
-the cute new jeans my momma got me in Vegas
-i won my office march madness bracket! heck yeah!
-life. always full of surprises.

the end.


Its OWL good!

Welp ive been to the DI again.  Ive been OBSESSED with owls lately and ive been searching for one anywhere and everyhwere.. i FINALLY found one, it is much smaller than i would like... but it is cute! i didnt like the color so i painted it white... and now Polly has a friend. 

also i made an owl for ANOTHER project im workin on....


Someone turn on the sunshine.. PLEASE!

Wanna know the best part about my weekend?! This is why my weekend was so great! I just love love love this time of the year... the only thing that would make it better is if the sun would shine!! I dont know if it was because this talk by Richard G. Scott, or what, but it seems like every return missionary that i know has started to message me on FACEBOOK. Ironic. Cant wait for more inspiration in October!


Wanna know something INTERESTING?!

Soooo my family comes home tonight (or in the morning??) and i decided that i needed to clean the house for their arrival. Somehow before i knew it i had everything, i mean EVERYTHING, from my refrigerator on my kitchen counter. There was a few leftovers that i threw out, and a bag of lettuce that was not so fresh, and so on and so forth. While i was putting everything back into the fridge i realize that most people keep food in their fridge, but in my family we like to keep: lots and LOTS of jams and jellies, salad dressings, condiments.  Basically there is just a lot of SAUCE. 
What's in YOUR refrigerator?! 
You might be surprised.
i was.  


Shut your mouth!!!!

So today at work someone mentioned BOLOGNA. So naturally i began to sing... "my bologna has a first name its O-S-C-A-R... my bologna has a second name its M-A-Y-E-R."
Then on my way home from work, i was just enjoying the beautiful day when i pulled up behind this....
The freakin 

best day ever.

Oh No.

I have exactly 18 days until i start school. I repeat 18 days. I am no where near ready to start. When i think of ALL the things i need to do before i move, i get really nervous! I have absolutely NO motivation to pack. Figure out all everything for my classes, figure out everything for my living situation. BA! Haha i did purchase a new laptop this week, but that is one little thing on my  GIANT list of things i need to do. Let alone i am working EVERYDAY except Sunday (cause i'm here) up until the day i start school. When will the adrenaline kick in!? I know i am only going to BYUI, but still the day is sneakin up on me! No matter how stress i am, just know that i am SUPER excited! But i will miss working with YOU... (you know who you are!)

Happy Weekend!