The Fever....

Soooooo I went and saw this movie yesterday....
....and well I've contracted the Bieber Fever. Honestly I am deeply and completely in love with this little miracle.


How could you not love this face....
I mean seriously. What a cutie. I don't want to be the creepy girl who acts like a complete fool, but I'm pretty sure it's to late. This movie made me see how talented this little man really is. I mean how many people can say at the age of 4 they could keep a steady beat on the drums and play the guitar and sing like an angel? Not many. Anyways... I'm team Bieber. I hope he doesn't turn out like Prince Michael. my fingers are crossed.


Little Bit of Life Lately

Sooo pretty much all i've been "blogging" about is Physical Therapy, and that ends now! Here's what has been up in my life lately:
Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy
I work there all day three times a week. I love the people i work with! They are great!
Idaho Falls Elite Allstars
I coach IFEA cheerleaders twice a week. I coach the Tiny Team which consists of nine 3&4 year olds, the Mini Team which consists of nineteen 5-8 year olds, and last but not least the Junior Team which consists of twenty 12-15 year olds. We have a performance coming up this weekend and NATIONALS in the middle of March. As stressed as they make me sometimes i LOVE my IFEA Cheerleaders! 
Did you know you could watch every episode of GREEK? Yeah i didn't either, now i'm hooked. I'm almost done with the 2nd season. Every night before i go to bed, i watch at least one episode on hulu.
The Rusty Lantern Diner
The most awesome diner in Ucon, ID. Supposedly i'm biased because my aunt Barb owns it. Any-who. When they need help i get to go waitress! The atmosphere is awesome. Old western. Very homey. Love it. Check out a menu here: rustylanterndiner.blogspot.com


Physical Therapy...

Just a little somethin somethin i drew for my work, artist i know. ;)
Where to begin, i have had the most wonderfully awesome (NOT) pain in my tailbone for close to 5 months, and have worked at a physical therapy office for about 10 months. Yesterday i finally got up the courage to see one of the therapists and we lets just say OUCHIE!!! What the fetch! Have you ever had someone stick their hand through your stomach to get to your vertebrae? Well i have and it hurt, and it's still hurting! (said in a British accent)When she said she wanted to see me again next week my first thought was, "Yeah freakin right!!" Who knows though, if it helps me not hurt i should probably just be brave. All the patients always say it feels better after the pain goes away, and now i know what they mean. All in all "Life is great... Physical Therapy makes you HURT!"


Blog Stalker

So i have to admit. i'm a secret blog stalker. While at work (when i'm done doing what i am supposed to, of course) i blog stalk, while i wait for my hulu videos to buffer, i blog stalk. i blog stalk friends i haven't talked to in weeks, i google popular blogs when i've read all the ones i keep up on. Clearly i have a problem. So i feel that admitting it makes it a little less of a problem. A friend suggested that i start a blog of my own, and i laughed out loud. Then began to think about it, a blog might be fun! So here i go, i'm starting a blog! (clearly)  :)