Once in a lifetime

 Today I got to meet and shake hands with some amazing men! Elder L. Tom Perry & President Kim B. Clark came and spoke to is at a special stake conference. It was wonderful! After the conference we  patiently waited in line to shake these spiritual mans hands. As it was in the chapel they asked us not to take any photos..I snapped this before I heard that.. Whoops. It was so fun to watch the interactions with all the different members of our stake. Perry LOVED all the little children. Being in the presence of these men who I know have had many experiences with the Savior really opened my eyes (and apparently shut my moms mouth and turned on the waterworks :) ) Man how I love her, because of her having to talk to just about everyone, we were able to follow Elder Perry out of the chapel where me and Jaycee got a photo with him and President Clark! 
He really is a good 6'3" if not taller!! And for 92 years old he doesn't act a day over 70!! What a great experience! Certainly one for the books! 



First things first, we ( me, mom, dad, jaycee sue, jaquel, tyler & kruzerboy) spent christmas in Cancun this year (last year)! It was awesome, and beautiful, and I'm ready to go back! Cute Jay needed a fun pic for her insta so this is what we came up with. 
Kruze (Tom Cruise... is what the people at our hotel would call him) was the light of the vacation. He was so funny, and honestly so well behaved for a one year old. 
Besides Jaquel's brand new iPhone 5s that got stolen the last day, and the bug bites the first day, and the greasy zip line, I would call this trip a huge success. I am so thankful to have parents that have spoiled me. I hope one day I get to treat them to a vacation. 

As I think back to the past year, with Jaquel's health problems,  a lot of it seems like a blur. We really missed out on a lot because of it. It certainly took its toll. I am so thankful she is FINALLY starting to  feel a bit normal again here and there. I have really missed my best friend. 

I have thought about all the good times that I have had in 2013, and I have to say the good far out weighs the bad. I went to 3 more concerts this year (Justin Beiber, George Strait, and Alan Jackson). I've been on more dates this year than ever before, and kissed way too many people. 

I wasn't going to make any New Year's Resolutions, because I always hate when I fail. But Ive decided that with out Goals, we have nothing to work towards. There is no reason for us to push ourselves forward. My mom always says, if you forget to brush your teeth one night, you don't just quit all together. You wake up in the morning and "start over"! My mama is a smart lady. 

So with that being said... here is 4 things I will do in 2k14:

1. Read the Book of Mormon. I have never in my life finished this by myself, and it embarrasses me to say that. How can I have such a testimony of a book that I've only read bits and pieces?! This is long over due, but completely necessary. 

2. Read my Patriartical Blessing once a month. I know that this is a gift that has been given to guide me, and to help me with the decisions I have to make. 

3. Have more conversations with my Father in Heaven. In the car when I'm driving, and in the morning while putting on my makeup. There is no reason I should have to wait until I'm on my knees. 

4. Spent more time with family. Less technology. Less being lazy at home. I know my grandparents won't have too many more years left, and I want to make sure they know how much they are loved and appreciated. 

Here's to you 2014!




still trying to figure out how to update this whole template/background. 
maybe one day. 

until then... smile and wave. 

this morning our power went out.. shelley to rexburg, pretty big deal. sucky part? my apartments heater went out last night and we went to bed with it being 60 degrees, when we woke up... 50 degrees. ROUGH. 

once the power came back on I decided to head into Idaho Falls early so that I could warm my buns off before cheer. 

we have competition in 9 days. 
3 practices. 
holy $#@*!

stay warm my friends. 



Here we go again..

Hi, my name is Kylee and I guess you could say I own this blog. 

I just read through some of my last posts, and I about peed myself. 
I am funny, and my life is funny! 

I think I want to start giving myself something more to laugh at in a few years! 

And so it begins, again.... the promise to start blogging again. Oy. 

Currently I am:

a student
a coach
a waitress
a nutcase
a worrier
an aunt (this one should have gone first. have you seen my instagram?! @kyyjan )
a shopaholic
a procrastinator
a photographer (ha. haha)
a baker



Awkward & Awesome

well its here, I think about it EVERY Thursday, wither i post or not, awkward and awesome Thursday! It is so funny to think about all the awesome things that are happening in your life, also thinking about the awkward isnt so bad either! :)

-having a 2 1/2 foot tall cheerleader try and get your attention by patting you and you turn  toward them at the exact same time. hello there crotch shot.
-the lack of sunshine today and yesterday... come on people i thought we were having an early spring!
-having a flat tire since Christmas... and still not having it fixed. uhhh.
-burning the roof of your mouth and not being able to enjoy foods :(
-some peoples Facebook profile pictures. yikes.
-finally taking off my toenail polish, it may or may not have been since before Christmas that they were painted.
-realizing that there were a lot of things that got put off since Christmas... new years resolutions say what??? haha

-getting to spend the entire weekend with my best friend Jace Face, while our parents are out of town.
-receiving letters every week from my cute little sister who lives in Wyoming.
-my cheerleaders had another great half time performance, the crowd loved them!
-i am half way done with the online class i am taking this semester!
-my grandparents came home from a month long trip that they took! sure did miss them!
-finally blogging again!


Proud as punch!!

Today we had a cheer competition, all of my teams did good! I coach 3 of the 5 IFEA teams, and my tiny team placed 2nd, my youth team got 2nd, my little sisters team got fourth, they had a few mess ups but my sister did AWESOME!! The senior team got second as well. However....my stinking awesome mini team got 1st place.... Out of ELEVEN teams!! Blew my mind!! Love my little cheer babies!!! :)


Got crabs?

This weekend we have a cheer competition in Salt Lake....we were so excited to go eat at The Mayan, the place where they have cliff jumpers dive while you eat...but it was no longer there :(. Soooo we went to Joes Crab Shack...it was delish!! 
Happy Weekend!!