About Me

Hmmm. Kylee Jan. Who is she? Haha. You would think that twenty years is long enough for a person to get to know you, especially if that person is YOURSELF. But i still have to ask myself every once in a while... "Who are you?!"
Here is a list i've came up with to try to explain me:
  • i am a daughter of God.
  • i am an ALMOST 20 year old, that acts like a child.
  • i am a inventor...need proof??
  • i am a traveler.
  • i am a zebra print lover.
  • i am LOUD. Pretty proud of it.
  • i am a cheerleader by heart, not by choice.
  • i am a coach the most amazing girls ever. IFEA
  • i am a student.
  • i am not in love with obama 
  • i am a wishful thinker.
  • i am a bieliber. 
  • i am a cry baby.
  • i am an excellent cook. sorta. kinda. maybe.
  • i am a facebook/blog stalker.
  • i am a gleek.
  • i am a pain in the butt if i don't get my way.
  • i am pretty darn funny.
  • i am a leader, not a follower.
  • i am a DI lover.
  • i am a FRIENDS fanatic.
  • i do what i want, not what you say.
  • i am me.
(more to come. when i figure out who i am. ;] )

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