All My Love...

This little munchkin has completely stolen my heart. 
I dont know if it is possible for anyone to love more than i love her. she is the sweetest little spirit i have ever known. even when she is sick as a dog, she is beautiful. sooo Madie Kay, know that youve got your aunt ky wrapped around those tiny little fingers. i would do anything for you, thank you for being such a blessing in my life. 
i love you


Awkward & Awesome

-how fast this week went! I was so sure i was going to get at least one post in before awkward and awesome thursday happened!
-getting tipped an extra ticket at an elementary school carnival. hahaha
-how messy my room has been lately (got it cleaned before i allowed myself to blog :).)
-i've only wathed Due Date once this week. (on a good week its about 4-5 times!)
-not knowing how to work my new phone and hanging up on my sister 3 times in a row.
-getting licked by one of my cheerleaders. awky.

-the new FOOTLOOSE. it is so stinking good!
-Just Dance 3. awe. some.
-crushes. haha soooo funny.
-loooooooooooooong naps.
-getting letters in the mail, and the letter ending up being a gift certificate for a manicure and a pedicure! score!
-my new phone! I got the HTC Rhyme.... still learning how to work it.
-my dad, he is the best guy i have ever known. i dont know anyone that has done what he has for me. I love him, and am so thankful to his great example he is to me.


Awkward & Awesome

-how unmotivated i have been to blog.
-getting stopped after crossing the street by "security" saying that he was going to have to issue me a ticket, and he needed my number..... HA not gonna happen buddy, ESSPECIALLY when im late for class.
-boys tactics for getting girls numbers.
-going to the Haunted Mill on a date. i HATE scary stuff.
-blisters on the bottom of my feet, and when i say bottom i mean right below my toes.... OUCH.
-going home to spend the day with my mom, and seeing her for maybe 20 minutes.

-my roommates. i seriously love them!
-petting a real live camel.
-teachers cancelling class.
-being able to run 2 miles, especially when you've got an ouchie tailbone.
-getting to make sno cones tomorrow night, at an elementary school Halloween carnival.
-skyping my roommate, while in the same room. some may call this awkward.
-you, you know, for reading this :)


Awkward & Awesome

-the fact that it has snowed before we got a chance for fall.
the fact that this is all this post has to it.

-the snow. ok more like not awesome!

School has literally taken over my life.  i feel like when i find a free second, i remeber that i have a HUGE paper due or a project. not fun. but learning lots! maybe soon i'll find time to show that i actually am having fun at school. maybe. okay, love you bye.