Awkward & Awesome

-being called "girl" by a lady who is 30 years older than you.
-walking into the restroom with the same lady, and having her try to have a full blown conversation while you both PEE. Awkward. Please children don't ever don't ever do this.
-finding out that the calendar you've been looking at for school is a WEEK off. Talk about stressful.
-trying to avoid someone from church at WalMart, and turning down the first aisle i see, which so happens to be the "BEERS & ALCOHOL" aisle. Smooth ky.
-all the OBESE people at the cheese factory in Logan in line at the sample bar.
-ex boyfriends. enough said.

-going to dinner with one of my bestest friends ever.
-the fact that a lady as old as my grandma is one of my bestest friends!
-finally buying a new laptop.
-my IFEA Junior Team taking all around GRAND CHAMP at their last competition this year!
-the strawberry banana shakes that i have made every morning this week. YUM.
-frozen bananas.

that's all..



I went to my sisters house for dinner tonight and i decided that i would make dessert. I was craving strawberry shortcake, and ended up making peach shortcake. It was super yummy! I decided i better take a picture for proof, but i kinda gobbled half of it before i could snap the picture! 


DIY Project #2

I loved making my magnent board so much i decided to make a cork board. I bought the board at the DI for $3 and then i painted it, sprayed it, and sanded it like i did before with the magnent board. I added a couple of flowers to the top.
After a few days of looking at it, i wanted it to "pop" a little more so i took some clothes pins i had laying around and cut some cute paper and glued it to the pins. Then i glued the clothes pins to the board. The total cost of this product... maybe $5. The finished product looked like this...

Awkward & Awesome

Saddle up cause this is about to get awkward... (not really.but kinda)

-getting cat called [or how ever you say that] by 9 four year olds. Picture babies saying "Ow Ow."
-my family leaving me home ALONE while they go party in VEGAS.
-the scratch that i got on the screen of my ipod. Thank goodness for those protective cover thingers.
-the lady on the tv that ate her boogers, yes BOOGERS. She claimed it was a family tradition and she wasnt going to stop her kids from doing it. i full on gagged the whole time but puked when she said, "The hard ones taste like chicken."

-me being funny and asking my tiny cheerleaders to tell me one thing they love about me and one of them saying: "i love you because you always ask us that." HAHA i reallly do.
-college professors that are neighbors and in your ward and can get you in to their class that is already overfilled by 5 people.
-FINALLY shaving my legs. :)
-it being warm enough yesterday for me to jump on my tramp! first time of the year!!

that is all.


I would like summer because....

I want to wear earring like this....
and barrettes like this...
paint my toesies like this...
eat things like this...
and this...
ride on things like this...
i want to chill at the lake like this...
go to lagoon and get tats like this...
go to bon fires like this...
i want to play in a yard like this...
and read like this...
i want to work in a place like this...
 and maybe doing a little of this...
or maybe not. haha. I know i will be super busy with school this summer but i will. Mark my word. I WILL find time for fun this summer. LOTS of fun! I just want the sunnyshine to come out!


Picture This...

So i'm on my way to work this morning. i was minding my own business when out of an orange colored sky, WHAM, BAM (enough of that song) i look over to see this...

No big deal right? Just a car passing by. But normally you can't read what their coffee mug says, cause usually the stering wheel is on the left side, NOT in this case though.

I pretended to be from England for a bit. And then i passed him again to look over to see him picking his nose. Sir, did you forget that you were so close to me? Eeeewww! That ended my English moment.


Deseret Industries

i have a problem. i am addicted to the DI. today was the second time that I've gone this week. OK. i went yesterday, and today. i love it. i love the thrill of finding something worth while and that has potential. i love my new buddy that i bought tonight. it is special. :)
meet Polly. no she doesn't want a cracker. (thanks though)
ps happy st pattys!!

Awkward & Awesome

-being slapped in the booty numerous times by my little cheerleaders every practice. (i guess I'm just the right height)
-that lady.boo.
-people at the DI. ah i sure hope I'm not one of the creepy shoppers.
-naughty cheer attitudes.
-people coming to work but not doing their job.
-yes thank you i know i don't get ready to sweat and yell at cheer practice. please don't remind me.
-wearing a skirt with reallllllly looong leg hair. (sorry everybody!)

-the awesome things i found at the DI this week!!!!
-the bag of goldfish i had on my desk this morning from the sweetest man alive! best.day.ever.
-watching 2 Pirates of the Caribbean movies with my obsessive little sister!
-telling my mini team that they need to put "that sucker up" (talking about their pyramid stunt) and having one little flyer ask "am i the sucker?!" hahaha
- diy projects.
-being able to finally wear skirts without freezing my butt off!! Yay spring!

thats all.


DIY Project

So ive been stalking alot of craft blogs as of late. My inner crafty baby has been kicking and screaming. I shut the baby up by traveling to the DI. I picked up this little winner for only $10.00 ...
i took out the nice canvas painting, and i sent it to work with my dad where he helped me out with the sheet metal...

Then i painted the frame a dark brown and let it dry over night, and then sprayed it with a matte white. Then i got some sandpaper and i sanded it down to give it a worn look. I also made some rolled ribbon flowers that looked a little like this...
(dont mind the fact that the fridge is open)
Here is the FINISHED product...

The total cost of the project was about $20.00 probably less because i have left over fabric, magnets, glue, and paint.  


Awkward & Awesome

- the nasty headache that i have now.
- having peoples fingers in your ears and mouth. ( i'm having physical therapy on my jaw)
- "drool on the face, loss of points!" ok the comment is awesome but the drool on the face not so much.
- that man following me around the DI absoloutly LOVING everything i picked up.
- my tailbone hurting again, mostly just awful, sorta awkward.
- canned tai food. not good.
- the little monster that said he was in preschool, but looked like a 4th grader

- my great finds at the DI. pictures to come!
- how helpful my dad has been with my "great finds" helping me to turn them into something awesome!
- the practice we had last night for our cheerleading nationals on saturday!
- my little sister asking/saying [about breaded chicken] "i wonder whats inside of this. do you know?" me-"uhhh chicken" her-"are ya sure? [takes a bite] oh yeah i guess youre right."

thats all... for now :)

Hands Down...

...My Cheerleaders are the cutest thing alive. One of my girls, who just so happens to be my bosses daughter, has missed the last three practices, because her family was in Hawaii for buisness. Yesterday at practice she gave me this cute little necklace (see below) and said she missed me! CUTEST THING EVER!
Love You too Kenz!



Life is stressful. When life is stressful, there are only a few things that can make me "relax" a little. And when i say relax i mean laugh my arce off. And one of those things is this beauty...

Sometimes after i'm done laughing i think about how ironic it is that this picture makes me relax because in the picture i'm kinda in a stressful situation. Interesting.


Awkward & Awesome

i love this idea, that Syd from The Daybook has. Awkward & Awesome Thursday is just beautiful, and i don't want to be left out. so here i go.....

-that dirty diaper in the parking lot that i had to walk past to get to my car after work.
-my dad calling me punkin and then realizing i wasn't my little sister and immediately trying to take it back, next time just go with it dad! 
-peeing a little in my pants 3 times in less than a week. {i get scared easily, and laugh hard OFTEN}
-having to wake up and turn on the light in the middle of the night because my sister was hogging the bed. Ok i LOOOVE sleepovers with her, so i guess its kinda awesome. 
-people that have cell phones but don't take them anywhere or even check their messages or missed calls for weeks.
-a mini cheerleader telling her mom i told her team that the tiny team was better then them.
-nippin out. young or old, its AWKWARD.

-my grandma's successful heart surgery! 
-finding out you know someone that is cousins with an amazing fashion blogger whom you only know because you blog stalk! 
-my dad and the rest of his bishopric working so hard to put on a funny talent for their ward talent show, actually its sorta awkward because the talent show is for the kids to show off. ha.
-watching 3 years worth of a tv series in about a month. also sorta awkward.
-my little sister singing the national anthem at a huge hockey tournament.
-lisps. i think i'll have one tomorrow! :)
-the subway commercial with all the old people with little kid voices. looooove it!

thats all :)


Soooo, there is this thing that you just DON'T talk about with my little sister. And that thing is, boobs. You do NOT mention that she is starting to get them. You do NOT look at them when she is nippin. You just DON'T. And because you DON'T talk about these "things" she does NOT wear sports bras to cheerleading practice. Well yesterday me and my older sister decided that she NEEDED something so I took it upon myself to create a "fashion statement" {or so I told her} with an ace wrap, on my little sister. She obviously enjoyed it because this morning before I left for work she came up to me and asked me to work my magic again. Good thing the mom is out of town because I would probably be dead.

Without any further ado, I introduce the

"When any ol' sports bra won't do!"
"For those who DON'T want to talk about it, but want to make it totally obvious!"