still trying to figure out how to update this whole template/background. 
maybe one day. 

until then... smile and wave. 

this morning our power went out.. shelley to rexburg, pretty big deal. sucky part? my apartments heater went out last night and we went to bed with it being 60 degrees, when we woke up... 50 degrees. ROUGH. 

once the power came back on I decided to head into Idaho Falls early so that I could warm my buns off before cheer. 

we have competition in 9 days. 
3 practices. 
holy $#@*!

stay warm my friends. 



Here we go again..

Hi, my name is Kylee and I guess you could say I own this blog. 

I just read through some of my last posts, and I about peed myself. 
I am funny, and my life is funny! 

I think I want to start giving myself something more to laugh at in a few years! 

And so it begins, again.... the promise to start blogging again. Oy. 

Currently I am:

a student
a coach
a waitress
a nutcase
a worrier
an aunt (this one should have gone first. have you seen my instagram?! @kyyjan )
a shopaholic
a procrastinator
a photographer (ha. haha)
a baker