Cookies are Monsters! :)

This was the Special at the Caboose on Saturday... 

yeah i deed it. 
but that is not the point. 
the point is,
 Kylee Jan Haderlie is not going to eat SUGAR for one month. 
ok try not to. 
ive began to realize that i eat ENTIRELY way to many sno cones. 

thank goodness the caboose, where i work, and get unlimited shaved ice,
 is the ONLY place in town that offers a variety of 

wish me luck. 


under construction.

uh. so i am defiantly not a graphic designer/professional blogger. 
i wanted to give my blog a "face lift" but im afraid its going to take a bit longer than i have right now. 
so please excuse the mess! :)


Awkward & Awesome

-me sleeping in until 4 pm today. WHAT? who does that!
-the amount of dust we had under our hot tub.
-moving a hot tub. talk about heavy.
-our hostess at applebees. "OH MY GOODNESS!"
-how redwood stain can make you look like ya got a rough mystic job.
-people that only want to be your friend when they want something.

-sleeping for over 15 hours straight.
-FINALLY moving our hot tub!
-eating dinner outside!
-teaching the sunbeams at church on sunday!
-learning about the second coming for fhe monday night!
-getting my room and bathroom super clean.


Summer Cleaning.

Last Friday when i moved back into my parents house, just for my seven week break, i decided that i would really clean things up, including my bathroom. and ya know what, I DID! it took me a good couple of hours but i did it! 
I was smart and decided that i would get everything  clean and organized BEFORE i moved all my crap stuff back into my room and bathroom. It worked great.
 except for the fact that when i got done with my closet i looked at it and was amazed at how organized i got it... and then realized that i had 2 full laundry baskets of clothes that i needed to fit into my closet. 

pretty sure my closet looked like someone had been living there for the past three months. yikes.... 

things were definately more squished together. 



Life's Good!!!

this little angel snuggled up against me for quite some time. :) She is three weeks old today! its crazy how fast time flys. I am soooo happy that i finally got to see her, being around her makes me realize how good life truly is! I love her oh so much! 

on a side note, i am offically moved out of my apartment in rexburg, and planning on CLEANING my room at my parents "hardcore" today... we'll see! :)


Awkward & Awesome

this DEFINITELY doesnt look like this...

-the fact that i have 2 hours until im supposed to be packed and at a water park, and all im doing is bloggin. no biggie. 
-how much crap stuff i have. ugh. 
-taking 3 finals in one day, blah.
-i havent seen my niece in a good 2 weeks. :( miss her! 
-how loud some people are in the kitchen in the morning, ESPECIALLY when they can see that there are 4 girls sleeping in the living room. 
-retirement party speeches about the signs of suicide. baha. glad he didnt pull that one at my fathers. 

-my summer break officially started yesterday at 4:30 pm!!!
-Rexburg Rapids in T-minus 2 hours! 
-getting to see my grandparents i havent seen in OVER 3 years. 
-my little brother being asked a question and his reply...
fathers coworker- "how are ya little man?"
kennington- "im not a man! im tin- tin!!"
-getting to play with my little sis and brudder.  :)
-girls trip 2011 set for HOUSTON, TEXAS! cannot wait!

ok im really gonna finish packing now... hahahahahahahahahahaha


On the Home Stretch

4 out of the 5 finals i have to take this week, are officially
talk about weight lifted off my shoulder. 
yesterday i felt like this....

There still is a few things i need to get done up here in Rexburg, but come Thursday, I'm home bound... until September! :)


Insert Eye Roll [here]

finals week is ALREADY killing me. 

happy monday. 



Rexburg Rapids

FIVE DOLLARS for a full day of fun?!
count me in. 

my mom my sisters and my cousin and her boys came up to Rexburg and we went to the fun new water park. Ive heard a lot about it. some good but mostly negative things such as its too small, mostly for little kids, but you know what? 
i thought it was fantastic. i got to lay out and read a book, and play with some cute boys. 
i cant wait for next week when i dont have to come AFTER class. 

Awkward & Awesome

-popping a blood vessel in my eye. 
-family reunions. those are not my genes. 
-the weirdo sneezes ive been doing. i cant help it, but i try to keep it in, and normaly i open my mouth so the boogs dont go flyin... but somethin AWKWARD happens and the sneeze feels like it comes out my ears and throat. WHAT?!
-bratty girls. i mean really sista friend? i will cut you.
-how long my teacher picked his nose with his handkerchief in class today. 
-my father turning 55 yesterday, and retiring next week! [32 years of service with the Rexburg Police Department]
-the tv show ... i didnt know i was pregnant. 

-how things work out perfectly when they are meant to be. 
-the summer plans that are being set for me! 
-having a girl tell you, you look beautiful as you walk by, while she is deep in a conversation with another person. ok a little awkward. would have been a little better if it was a guy.... :)
-the purse party im having saturday!
-getting homework DONE. 
-less than 200 hours until i have completed my first semester at BYUI. 
-the fantastic ride me and my family got in a hummer limo saturday... fabulous! 

we didnt think to get a picture in front of it, but i did snap a shot for proof. 


Madie Kay

it has taken me a week and a few days but i wanted to share with you some picture of the day my sweet sweet niece was born
she is so precious. cutest thing ever. 

i LOVE love LOVE the picture of jaquel with her. 
she needs to make a baby... pronto. 


Boys like Barbies too.

one of my most favorite times playing Barbies ever would have to have been with my little cousin. He told me that we had to have all of the babies there was, and i told him i didnt want any babies, and he said we have to cause i found them on the street. yikes. haha 
at least we know he is willing to help out the babies on the street! 

i cannot wait until i can play barbie with Madie Kay! 

Mosquito Bite.

to be honest.
 this mosquito bite was not the worst out of the fifty that i had,
 but it definitely turned out to be the most painful. 
note to self ky: NEVER scratch your mosquitoes bite with your shoe.
you MIGHT end up with a 2 inch scrape up your leg. 
my scrap turned into a scab which has now fallen off...eww. 
and it is just a yucky reddish pinkish mark. 
dumbest thing ever. 

the best part about it though is being asked if i did it shaving.. my reply... yeah it was so fun after the first inch i just decided to keep going. 


Count em...

one. two. three. four. FIVE pairs of sunglasses i had in my car. 
geez! my sister and her husband had to watch their nieces, and nephews for a bit while their paretnts went to a class reunion, we decided to go to LEO'S Place, the girls all wanted to ride in my red car... "the girl car" and the boys had to ride with uncle Tyler. 
We rolled down the window and sang out loud with gaga. 
cause ya know.. girls just wanna have fun! 


not gonna lie, hands down hilarious. 
me and my little sister wanted to surprise our dad and take him to see this,
and then he called and asked if i wanted to go to the midnight premier. 
no one can keep a secret in my house.
we went to the early show on friday. it was pleasant. :)

kevin james always makes my day!


save the date.


Awkward & Awesome

-all those freakin mosquito bites.
-itching a certain mosquito bite and leaving a gigantic scrape. yikes...picture to come.
-some of the things my teachers say.[blink blink]
-not knowing where im living next semester. talk about procrastination.
-my silent sneezes, pretty sure people think im having seizures.
-those drunkards that kept trying to hang out with me and my friends on the 4th.

-again... teachers cancelling class. YIPPEE!
-FINALLY being an AUNT!
-honestly loving life. it feels great!
-sno cones. im addicted, its a crisis.
-planning our GIRLS TRIP!
-being able to hang out with old friends and it not seem like youve been apart.
-the purse party im hosting NEXT saturday! [more info to come :)]
-YOU. Youre great! :)


Bad News

oh how i love summer, but....
[mama says if its in the bible it okay to say :)] 
those allergies. 

mine have been super bad this year, so outside is an iffy zone for me, and also my sisters house, cause that bootsie makes me sneeze. although its hard to resist that face. except when you remember waking up to him biting your ankle at five in the morning. 

happy hump day ya'll. 


Independence Day

this fourth was fantastic 
[minus the fact that the shaved ice machine BROKE while i was working.
ugh. all got fixed though :)]

it was filled with 
and tons of


Just a tickle.

my sister tara had her baby today,
 offically making me...
this is one of a million pictures ive already taken..
welcome to the world 
*7lbs 10oz  -- 20.75in *

we are going to have so much fun!

love aunt ky!