Awkward & Awesome

well its here, I think about it EVERY Thursday, wither i post or not, awkward and awesome Thursday! It is so funny to think about all the awesome things that are happening in your life, also thinking about the awkward isnt so bad either! :)

-having a 2 1/2 foot tall cheerleader try and get your attention by patting you and you turn  toward them at the exact same time. hello there crotch shot.
-the lack of sunshine today and yesterday... come on people i thought we were having an early spring!
-having a flat tire since Christmas... and still not having it fixed. uhhh.
-burning the roof of your mouth and not being able to enjoy foods :(
-some peoples Facebook profile pictures. yikes.
-finally taking off my toenail polish, it may or may not have been since before Christmas that they were painted.
-realizing that there were a lot of things that got put off since Christmas... new years resolutions say what??? haha

-getting to spend the entire weekend with my best friend Jace Face, while our parents are out of town.
-receiving letters every week from my cute little sister who lives in Wyoming.
-my cheerleaders had another great half time performance, the crowd loved them!
-i am half way done with the online class i am taking this semester!
-my grandparents came home from a month long trip that they took! sure did miss them!
-finally blogging again!


Proud as punch!!

Today we had a cheer competition, all of my teams did good! I coach 3 of the 5 IFEA teams, and my tiny team placed 2nd, my youth team got 2nd, my little sisters team got fourth, they had a few mess ups but my sister did AWESOME!! The senior team got second as well. However....my stinking awesome mini team got 1st place.... Out of ELEVEN teams!! Blew my mind!! Love my little cheer babies!!! :)


Got crabs?

This weekend we have a cheer competition in Salt Lake....we were so excited to go eat at The Mayan, the place where they have cliff jumpers dive while you eat...but it was no longer there :(. Soooo we went to Joes Crab Shack...it was delish!! 
Happy Weekend!!


Its been a minute...

About a year ago, I started this little blog, and i have come to the realization that i am not a very good blogger! I had good intentions, but that all went out the window! But... i want to get back on the wagon! I have loved looking back at what i have done during the past year! So im going to start... again! I popped in here and there the last half of the 2011 year, but im going to update pieces of what happened with some pictures!
Rexburg was graced with WET snow... walking to class was....cold?

Halloween happened.... with lots and lots of dance parties....

  i was an owl one night... 
and ke$ha the next...

 November 2011
Well November seems like a blurr... 
we were mischievous...
 we went to the Breaking Dawn midnight premier...
and then there was Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was full of relaxation and family time! 
My grandma and grandpa Mueller celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary and we  held a reception in their honor. When they got married they never had a reception so it was extra special for them. 

December 2011
This month my cheerleaders had their first competition and they all did great! 
This month was also full of bright lights. My apartment complex had a Christmas decoration contest and we pulled out all of our tricks and won second place, and our prize was $10 each! Score!

We went to Cozumel Mexico, There was a total of 18 of us in the group! It was fun! The trip can be summarized in one picture....

January 2012

we got rid of the mysterious rolling carpet in our house and got wood floors! The demolition of the house (taking out the carpet and tile took a full day)
it took us a few days to clean up the dust! 

I went on a cleaning spree and cleaned out and repainted our entire pantry, as well as all the other cupboards in the kitchen. my mom was proud...

 me and my old roommates and forever friends were reunited...

my cheerleaders did great at another competition and performance....
and Madie Kay turned 6 months old!!

Time has sure flown! It is so crazy!!