Awkward & Awesome

-liars. they are pathetic.
-tests. they just suck.
-sand, in your shower, and in your bathroom floor. and you didnt even go anywhere fun....
-ALLERGIES. fetch are everyone's super bad this year?!
-how many snocones i ate this weekend, and was already craving one on Sunday. (i mentioned this to my little sister on sunday and she said: "i know... we really dont take full advantage of them when we can do we?" :) thats my girl!)
-my father, step mother, and my little bebe brodder and seeester mooooving away. :(
-my teacher re teaches the SAME lesson every other week. Alzheimers?

-teachers cancelling class. God bless you!
-the YETI at the river in idaho falls.
-watching the yeti scare people at the river.
- the weather idaho has been blessed with.
-spending an entire day with a great friend.
-only 3 more weeks until my summer vacation!
-the little red riding hood! absolutely amazing!


Nothing but blue sky's...

finally idaho. :) 


This weekend i learned...

-i stick my tounge out entirely to much in pictures.
-idaho falls houses some sketchy people.
-working over 10 hours in a train straight is not healthy for ones bladder.
-i never get sick of eating sno cones.
-i have amazing friends and family.
-radio stations replay their music... in the same order. everyday.
-i love the caboose.


Awkward & Awesome

-the 20 minute biker wedding that happend at the river in idaho falls last saturday afternoon. ok it was pretty cool.
-my ipod thinking its 9:30am when its really 11:15am. oh and it thinks it january 4th. WHAT?!
-resetting my ipods date and time and then 30 seconds later its back to wack. insert eyeroll.
-cold sores.
-teaching my mom how to make sno cones. :)
-yelling out your friends nickname in a crowd of people...
...and your friends nickname is CAMEL TOE. whooops. no lady i wasnt talking to you.... :)
-me. fetch ive said some AWKWARD things this week.

-getting to work at the caboose allllll day today, friday, AND saturday. gonna be tired but totally worth it!
-my cheer babies missing me while i wasnt able to go to cheer camp!
-making it to class on time yesterday. first time in a while. haha
-going for a run outside
-my peachy lashes
-taking little drives by yourself
-star gazing
-grapes. yummy.


Same Face. New Name.

Soooo i have to admit that i hated what i named my blog. i mean really kylee's korner?! what is a korner. a made up thing, thats what. Well its me forever to "think" up something different. Last night i decided that "kylee's korner" HAD to go. So i turned to my good friend... Urban Dictionary. I looked up KYLEE. This is what it told me.... 
1.Kylee252 up129 down
A sexy female who loves skaters
She looks like a kylee
2.Kylee143 up75 down

prolly one of the finest italian girls you'll ever meet. with one of the nicest asses you'll ever see. she's great in bed and is a good friend and lover!
Damn did you see that Kylee! hah
3.kylee97 up34 down
Very outgoing. a good friend to rely on in times of need. very trust worthy and fun.The type of girl who sleeps with many people ,The best mother fucking friend ever .Clearly the most rediculously awesome person ever. You just dont get more awesome than Kylee .An extremely beautiful girl who is liked by many people, very smart and caring, athletic and surprising at everything she does. She can make anybody laugh and loves to smile. She is not like any other, she's amazing. She has friends that are incredible. She's so much fun and likes to take risks , A girl that laughs. And laughs..and laughs. A Kylee is when somebody is always doing something that you never expect or that is random, you just can't help but to laugh toob.
(kylee)(awesome)(awesomeness)(amazing)(cool)(rad) (bangin)(gangsta)(happy)(girl)(kylie)(hyper)(random)(funny) (laugh)(smart)(nice)(pretty)(adventurous)(herself)(outgoing) (friend)(cute)(trust)(fun)(kylee)(wonderful)(best friend)(ever)

Funny right?! ok well the sentance that caught my attention was this one:
1.Kylee252 up129 down
A sexy female who loves skaters
She looks like a kylee
and there you have the new name of my blog. :) the end. 

She looks like a Kylee 


TOTAL man.

ok 2 funny parts to this story....
Yesterday we had a family get-together and my dad had a church meeting so he got there late...

first funny part: 
while we were waiting for my dad, his brother, was telling my mom about the funny birthday card he got a few weeks earlier... and my mom laughed and said, "thats funny i think ive heard that one before maybe." [secret insight: my family  forgets  doesnt have time to get birthday presents BEFORE  birthday party's, we have to wait until the night before the next get-together to go "pick it up" at the store. :) ] well when my dad got there he gave my uncle his birthday present... and he opened the card and low and behold... it was the SAME ONE he got a few weeks earlier. 
Yes mom you did hear that one before... last night actually!!

second funny part:
my cousin who is maybe 3 saw the card and as it got passed around for everyone to see he trailed along besides it and finally we said ok no more, and put it away... well ten or fifteen minutes later this is what i saw...

what is so funny you say.... well lets take a closer look at the card...

 im guessing he was interested by the ocean. :) 
oh boys! 

Father's Day!

today i realized that i am blessed with 
father figures in my life.
i have two amazing dads.
 not many people can say that they have a "good" relationship with their STEP dad. well i probably have the best step dad in the world. i am so blessed with him in my life.
 i am so greatful for all "Dads" in my life, the old one the young ones and the ones that aren't even related. i hope that they all felt super special today, they deserved it! 


Just Remembering Last Summer....

i cant stop laughing about this, so i thought it would be appropriate to share...

last summer, we built a shelter thing over our cement pad out in our backyard, and we set up our fire pit and got cute furniture... ect. well pretty much every night me and my family and some friends would go out by the fire. well one night i decided that it would be cool to invite all my friends... so instead of calling everyone or texting them, i turned to FACEBOOK. My status update went something like this:
"fire at my house tonight!! everyone come!!"
after an hour or so, my mom got a few texts asking if everything was okay at our house... she replied uhhhh yes. BUT when she got a call from a friend she hadnt talked to in years asking if there was anything that she could do for us she had to ask what is going on?! 
the lady replied... well kylee said that there was a fire at your guys house tonight and i just wanted to make sure everything was okay. 

humans are silly. 


Awkward & Awesome

-sinus infections
-the nasty dancers who were doing the Carmen Electra at the kiddie pool
-zits at the very tip of your nose.... i mean seriously. ouch!
-Shake Weight commercials haha
-my grammy being put in the hospital. :(
-accidentally shutting my sisters cat underneath the sink for over an hour... sorry bootsie!

-booking your flight to Vegas, the day it leaves. ok this might just be stupid.
-Sammy's. YUMMY!!!
-Shake Weights. they rock. mock them all you want!
-finally getting to work at the Caboose this weekend!
-visiting my grams in the hospital and taking her for a walk and listening to the funny things she said while on pain med. oh dear.
-sleepovers with my sister. TWICE this week.
-my sister is taking her PTA licensure exam friday! Good Luck!!


Soo Ive been meaning to post this...

Remember when it was my birthday? Me too!!! Well in the wonderful package i got, there was a "flock" of vinyl owls. Freakin cute right? well i decided that one needed to have a home on my laptop. i always have my laptop with me and i always have it out, sooooo EVERYONE comments on how freakin cute the owl is. Sooo basically i'm pretty cool. So if you want to be cool like me and have cool vinyl thingers you need to check out this ladies esty shop


What happens in Vegas....

Soooooo you know the saying... "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" Well its been modified... "What happens in Vegas, will eventually end up on Facebook."
 hahaha so true. 

This weekend for my dad's 50th birthday we ventured to Sin City.
Nutso wasnt invited this time, well i actually didnt want to risk the airport takin him away from me. cause well ya never know. 

the weekend was filled with laughing, laying out, eating, and having a good time. 
here are some pictures from the weekend. 

[funny quotes from the weekend included:]

my mom to my dad: "Go get in the shower bub so we can go to dinner."
me: "Sooooo you're callin him BUB now?!"
Jaquel: "No, that's his 50 year old name."

reason #1224435654634 why my family is funnier than yours. 

this one isn't really a quote, but a Mexican restaurants "slogan" was... "So authentic you can't drink the water!"


Awkward & Awesome

-the lady who sat next to me in the taylor building yesterday and kept "spitting" air.
-the cracks in the bathroom stalls. yep i am pulling up my pants, and yes we did just make eye contact.
- people who are "too busy" to go to their internships, and watch movies instead.
-being soooo thirsty all the time, soooo drinking water all the time, and having to peeeee every 5 minutes.
-cute boys, who are in your class, adding you on facebook, and then you find out they are pre-mi's.
-rain. sunshine. rain. rain. rain. sunshine. MAKE UP YOUR MIND REXBURG.
-how long my nails are right now. wowser.

-the zoo.
-the new GLEE cd. freakin love it.
-my watermelon toe nails.
-friends that will paint your toenails.
-hanging out by the fire. only six more weeks until i can do that every night.
-knowing secrets.
-family and friends.


Happy Birthday Big Girl!

to be honest. 30 isnt old. 
i give you 30 more years until we can say youre "old"
you are the greatest friend anyone could ever ask for. 
thank you. 
have the happiest birthday!
love your guts. 


a visit to the zooooo.

me and my little sister went to the zoo yesterday. ya know when the sun was shining for the few hours that it did. it was a blast. we visited allllll of the animals! there were a bunch of cute little babies! it was awesome! prepare for picture overload. :)

my favorite picture!

i like turtles.

 the end. :)


Famous last words...

Sooo creepy thing just happened. 
i am currently laying in bed, trying to fall asleep, with no luck. 
ok that wasnt the creepy part. ha 
while trying to fall asleep my mind went a wandering. 
i thought about what i wanted my headstone to say.
okay well i was thinking about different quotes and such, 
and that's what i wanted to talk about today. 
my most commonly used phrase. 
"i just peed a little."
the forms of this phrase vary from time to time. 
ive heard myself say:
"im gonna peeeeeeeeee."
"you made me pee!"
"i think i may have peed."
"wait...hold on, i think i just peed."
ok you get the point.
Well i just want to talk about the fact that most of the time,
 i probably dont pee a little.
But there are those few occasions. 
for example.
-when i laugh entirely way to hard 
-when someone scares the pee out of me
-when i tumble
-when i do back tucks on the trampoline
-and when i just plain cant hold it
Ive heard myself say this for as long as i can remember, here is a video from my senior year ( taken over 2 years ago) to prove it:
ps... all that screaming, may or may not have came from me. 
skycoaster is scary ok?

love you all, i have to go pee now, bye bye! 


Awkward & Awesome


-being 20. growing up sucks. 
-3 tests. one day. 
-teachers who dont teach, then test on what they dont teach.
-the old man in the park that started a conversation with me. interesting perspective sir. 
-10+ girls telling you your hot pink sweat shorts were super cute, when you know for a fact that your butt looks 10+ times bigger than normal. hahaha. oh girls. 
-seeing NASTY pictures of yourself that other people take. and. there. is. nothing. you. can. do. about. it. 
-today marks 2 years since ive been graduated from high school. 
-the symphony that was going on in the Clark Building girls bathroom. seriously did all 3 of you eat at the same place? that is nastay. 


-the sun FINALLY shining for more than 2 hours at a time.
-memorial day weekend. 
-sidewalk chalk.
-phone calls from daddy. 
-burlesque. amazing movie. watch it. please. 
-friends. old. new. some are silver and the others gold. 
-family time. got a lot of it this weekend. 


Nutso in Vegas.

Remember when i went to Vegas and saw  GLEE in concert? 
Well guess who tagged along.... 
thats right... NUTSO!

We were super excited!
 things clearly got a little creepy.....
Sadie loves NUTSO
NUTSO is a boy. BUT in the spirit of Vegas 
and all things awkward... he got a pedicure..
When we got to Vegas NUTSO was super 
excited to begin his adventures, but we had to eat first. 
We tried out the Bellagio Buffet. 
Then of course we had to watch the water show. 
NUTSO fell in love! He was stunned. 
I had to get a picture with my boy....
then we stopped at the Sugar Factory, 
you know to see if Kim Kardash was in there...
 Nutso loved Vegas. We will definitely be going back soon. 
like possibly next weekend soon. fingers crossed. 

love you, bye.