Once in a lifetime

 Today I got to meet and shake hands with some amazing men! Elder L. Tom Perry & President Kim B. Clark came and spoke to is at a special stake conference. It was wonderful! After the conference we  patiently waited in line to shake these spiritual mans hands. As it was in the chapel they asked us not to take any photos..I snapped this before I heard that.. Whoops. It was so fun to watch the interactions with all the different members of our stake. Perry LOVED all the little children. Being in the presence of these men who I know have had many experiences with the Savior really opened my eyes (and apparently shut my moms mouth and turned on the waterworks :) ) Man how I love her, because of her having to talk to just about everyone, we were able to follow Elder Perry out of the chapel where me and Jaycee got a photo with him and President Clark! 
He really is a good 6'3" if not taller!! And for 92 years old he doesn't act a day over 70!! What a great experience! Certainly one for the books! 

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