Awkward & Awesome

well its here, I think about it EVERY Thursday, wither i post or not, awkward and awesome Thursday! It is so funny to think about all the awesome things that are happening in your life, also thinking about the awkward isnt so bad either! :)

-having a 2 1/2 foot tall cheerleader try and get your attention by patting you and you turn  toward them at the exact same time. hello there crotch shot.
-the lack of sunshine today and yesterday... come on people i thought we were having an early spring!
-having a flat tire since Christmas... and still not having it fixed. uhhh.
-burning the roof of your mouth and not being able to enjoy foods :(
-some peoples Facebook profile pictures. yikes.
-finally taking off my toenail polish, it may or may not have been since before Christmas that they were painted.
-realizing that there were a lot of things that got put off since Christmas... new years resolutions say what??? haha

-getting to spend the entire weekend with my best friend Jace Face, while our parents are out of town.
-receiving letters every week from my cute little sister who lives in Wyoming.
-my cheerleaders had another great half time performance, the crowd loved them!
-i am half way done with the online class i am taking this semester!
-my grandparents came home from a month long trip that they took! sure did miss them!
-finally blogging again!

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