Awkward & Awesome

-how unmotivated i have been to blog.
-getting stopped after crossing the street by "security" saying that he was going to have to issue me a ticket, and he needed my number..... HA not gonna happen buddy, ESSPECIALLY when im late for class.
-boys tactics for getting girls numbers.
-going to the Haunted Mill on a date. i HATE scary stuff.
-blisters on the bottom of my feet, and when i say bottom i mean right below my toes.... OUCH.
-going home to spend the day with my mom, and seeing her for maybe 20 minutes.

-my roommates. i seriously love them!
-petting a real live camel.
-teachers cancelling class.
-being able to run 2 miles, especially when you've got an ouchie tailbone.
-getting to make sno cones tomorrow night, at an elementary school Halloween carnival.
-skyping my roommate, while in the same room. some may call this awkward.
-you, you know, for reading this :)

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