Physical Therapy...

Just a little somethin somethin i drew for my work, artist i know. ;)
Where to begin, i have had the most wonderfully awesome (NOT) pain in my tailbone for close to 5 months, and have worked at a physical therapy office for about 10 months. Yesterday i finally got up the courage to see one of the therapists and we lets just say OUCHIE!!! What the fetch! Have you ever had someone stick their hand through your stomach to get to your vertebrae? Well i have and it hurt, and it's still hurting! (said in a British accent)When she said she wanted to see me again next week my first thought was, "Yeah freakin right!!" Who knows though, if it helps me not hurt i should probably just be brave. All the patients always say it feels better after the pain goes away, and now i know what they mean. All in all "Life is great... Physical Therapy makes you HURT!"

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