Blog Stalker

So i have to admit. i'm a secret blog stalker. While at work (when i'm done doing what i am supposed to, of course) i blog stalk, while i wait for my hulu videos to buffer, i blog stalk. i blog stalk friends i haven't talked to in weeks, i google popular blogs when i've read all the ones i keep up on. Clearly i have a problem. So i feel that admitting it makes it a little less of a problem. A friend suggested that i start a blog of my own, and i laughed out loud. Then began to think about it, a blog might be fun! So here i go, i'm starting a blog! (clearly)  :)

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  1. Oh you are in so much trouble I had to find out you had a blog by looking at all my stalkers. I thought you were a real stalker but it's just kyky! Oh I have news for you.....you now have a stalker of your very own bahahaha!