Little Bit of Life Lately

Sooo pretty much all i've been "blogging" about is Physical Therapy, and that ends now! Here's what has been up in my life lately:
Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy
I work there all day three times a week. I love the people i work with! They are great!
Idaho Falls Elite Allstars
I coach IFEA cheerleaders twice a week. I coach the Tiny Team which consists of nine 3&4 year olds, the Mini Team which consists of nineteen 5-8 year olds, and last but not least the Junior Team which consists of twenty 12-15 year olds. We have a performance coming up this weekend and NATIONALS in the middle of March. As stressed as they make me sometimes i LOVE my IFEA Cheerleaders! 
Did you know you could watch every episode of GREEK? Yeah i didn't either, now i'm hooked. I'm almost done with the 2nd season. Every night before i go to bed, i watch at least one episode on hulu.
The Rusty Lantern Diner
The most awesome diner in Ucon, ID. Supposedly i'm biased because my aunt Barb owns it. Any-who. When they need help i get to go waitress! The atmosphere is awesome. Old western. Very homey. Love it. Check out a menu here: rustylanterndiner.blogspot.com

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