Awkward & Awesome

-when boys insult you just to start a conversation, yeah next maybe just start with "hi."
-when people from a other ethnicity [excluding Caucasians] call themselves... "WHITE."
-having an ex boyfriend accuse you of "ruining" their new relationship. pretty sure you did that on your own.
-bum cracks. im sorry people, but im TRYING To pull my pants up and my shirt down, but you'll have to blame my dad for givin me such a high crack. (double awkward that i just talked about it.)
-the rainy weather. burrrrrrrr.
-SIX girls. ONE bathroom. ONE hotel room. ONE week. Welcome to the Girl Trip!

-this is my first official "scheduled" post. didnt wanna miss an Awkward & Awesome Thursday!
-GIRLS TRIP 2011 has officially began as of yesterday :)
-The weather in Houston (hope i didn't jinx myself.....)
-starting and finishing a book in one day. who cares if its only 169 pages. :)
-seeing a double rainbow.
-peach sugar free sno cones. where have you been my whole life?!
-dearblankpleaseblank.com [WARNING: this site is HIGHLY addictive.]

hope ya'll have a fantastic day! mine will be full of shopping!! 

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