Awkward & Awesome

-sticky buttons on computers. i feel like a fool pressing you more then 8 times!
-missing a good friends wedding this weekend!
-SHOPKO. that is one classy store...
-school supply shopping with an 11 year old. make up your mind already. PLEASE.
-not working at the caboose this week!
-how addicting Pinterest is, and i cant even figure out how to pin stuff to my own board!
-when know-it-all's have to come up with an excuse as to why their "idea" didnt work.
-family planning a trip to Lagoon this week, and looking up the schedule to find out that Lagoon is CLOSED this whole week.

-family trips!
-chicken fried chicken at the rusty lantern diner! yummy!
-only eating fresh vegetables from the garden for our sunday dinner!
-cuddling with my madie kay.
-having a couple more weeks of summer before i have to start school like everyone else. although more then half my summer was spent in a class room.
-loving life, and truly being happy.
-scheduled posts!

hope everything is well at home while me and my familia go out to play! 

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