Awkward & Awesome

down to the wire... with just a few minutes left of Thursday, i am scurrying to figure out which moments of my week were the most awkward and the most awesome... enjoy!

-my little sister Jace Face running down the stairs around 1:30... AM. While im on the potty [ TMI: I hardly ever never shut the door... well cause im the only one downstairs ever... but anyway] Scared the HECK out of me, and i ask her what she is doing and her response.... "Well i heard you cough and assumed you were awake, and well.... do you wanna watch a movie?!"
-i only have one more caboose shift of the 2011 season..... :(
-summer is almost over... although it feels like it just began...
-Jace Face's toilet at Edwards Theater started SPRAYING... literally SHOOTING water  up after she flushed it.
-one of my best friends is moving to provo! :(
-how fast children grow up. seriously... WOW.

-VITONOMY.... a brand new company that just launched with AWESOME products... seriously the top of the line stuff, for half the cost. I will hook ya'll up with some info asap.
-seeing Glee Live 3D... so fun to relive the concert!
-seeing The Help with my sister... I read the book earlier this year and LOVED it. Seriously, if you love to read, read it, then see the movie, if you dont love/have time to read it... go see the movie. They did an awesome job!
-family prayer.. ok our group family prayers... SO FUNNY.
-my cheerleaders, they are gonna rock this year!
- i finally taught myself how to do a french braid 1/2 french braid... whatever works!
-watching my brother in laws shooting competition!
-$2.00 snocone for the man.... $3.00 tip for kylee... winning.

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