Awkward & Awesome

-my mom going up to a guy, at a water park and telling him that she thought he was bleeding, and his response, "Oh it's it just a stain, bless you."
-the bright red stain from above being RIGHT on his bum bum. awwwwwkward.
-the little kids show, SID the Science kid. hmmmm not sure what they were thinking!
-i learned that i am terribly scared of thunder and lightening storms.
-my grandpa have TWO strokes this week and the doctors not being able to figure out why they happened. (but he is home and doing awesome!)
-my new found love for Pinterest, and i dont even know how to work it. I just look at other peoples "stuff"
-the stupid fly that kept "dancing" on the TV while me and Jace Face were trying to watch a movie, and me trying to catch it and kill it, but being to afraid when it would start to buzzzzzzzz (flap its wings).

-hanging out with these peeeeps, seriously so fun. "i hate duh mooomin cuuultcha!" :) can we please play again soon?
-watching f.r.i.e.n.d.s with my niece. i dont care what ya'll say, she likes it, Joey makes her smile, and its not just cause she loves the sound.
-the conversations i have with my little cheerleaders.
-the IDAHO STATE FAIR that starts in T-minus 1.5 days! Bring on the funnel cakes, tigers ears, caramel apples, yummy shrimp, orange chicken, Mongolian beef, horse races, petting zoo, ginormous pumpkins!
-having my very own tooth brush at my sisters house.
-not eating sugar for one whole month.
-my families prayers. insert multiple giggles.

okay love you bye. 

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