Eastern Idaho State Fair

oh boy. first night of the fair is offically complete, and my belly is definately full. yikes.
i ate way WAY  way to much food. but it all was amazing.

my taste buds enjoyed:

mongolian beef
orange peel chicken
panko shrimp
coconut shrimp, with a pina colada sauce.... mmmm
apple pie caramel apples
snickers apples
chinese chicken salad
caramel funnel cake
cinnamon pull apart
scone nuggets
mexican corn in a cup

and much more. but luckly i didnt eat all of this by myself.
so yummy. my cousin owns one of the food vendors, which is 
the chopping block.
YUMMIEST STUFF EVER. and although im a litte biased, every one that tries his food agrees, his items include the first seven on my list! geez it was good!

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