Awkward & Awesome

-being so busy with school, that i have hardly had time to stalk my favorite blogs, let alone blog.
-missing last weeks awkward and awesome.
-giving a boy my dads number on purpose accident. hahaha
-when your biological father moves your little brother and sister to a new state and doesnt tell you or give you the chance to see them and say goodbye.
-when people cant admit that they're wrong, and apologize... even when you specifically come out and tell you that you  were REALLY hurt.
-forgiving people who have REALLY hurt you. [workin on it though!!]
-the HUGE blisters i got on the balls of BOTH feet. OUCH!
-being the ONLY person who is not graduating at the end of this semester. no big deal.
-not talking to this lady for a couple of weeks, although i have thought about her practically everyday hoping that she knows how much i miss her!

-realizing that im really digging into my major this semester, and LOVING it.
-finding a minute to finally blog.
-the cute boots i bought yesterday after i got done with work. yay fall!
-receiving a priesthood blessing  from my dad, i am so grateful to be able to have the blessings of the priesthood in my life!
-getting a cute card in the mail from my little brother and sister in Wyoming.
-seeing the leaves on the trees begin to start the color transformation for the fall season.
-making mac & cheese, WITHOUT the milk and butter, tastes the same, and it is a little more healthy.... ok maybe not!
-the EDITED version of the movie Due Date. freaking hilarious.

ok, back to homework! love you bye!

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