Awkward & Awesome

-all those freakin mosquito bites.
-itching a certain mosquito bite and leaving a gigantic scrape. yikes...picture to come.
-some of the things my teachers say.[blink blink]
-not knowing where im living next semester. talk about procrastination.
-my silent sneezes, pretty sure people think im having seizures.
-those drunkards that kept trying to hang out with me and my friends on the 4th.

-again... teachers cancelling class. YIPPEE!
-FINALLY being an AUNT!
-honestly loving life. it feels great!
-sno cones. im addicted, its a crisis.
-planning our GIRLS TRIP!
-being able to hang out with old friends and it not seem like youve been apart.
-the purse party im hosting NEXT saturday! [more info to come :)]
-YOU. Youre great! :)

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