Awkward & Awesome

-popping a blood vessel in my eye. 
-family reunions. those are not my genes. 
-the weirdo sneezes ive been doing. i cant help it, but i try to keep it in, and normaly i open my mouth so the boogs dont go flyin... but somethin AWKWARD happens and the sneeze feels like it comes out my ears and throat. WHAT?!
-bratty girls. i mean really sista friend? i will cut you.
-how long my teacher picked his nose with his handkerchief in class today. 
-my father turning 55 yesterday, and retiring next week! [32 years of service with the Rexburg Police Department]
-the tv show ... i didnt know i was pregnant. 

-how things work out perfectly when they are meant to be. 
-the summer plans that are being set for me! 
-having a girl tell you, you look beautiful as you walk by, while she is deep in a conversation with another person. ok a little awkward. would have been a little better if it was a guy.... :)
-the purse party im having saturday!
-getting homework DONE. 
-less than 200 hours until i have completed my first semester at BYUI. 
-the fantastic ride me and my family got in a hummer limo saturday... fabulous! 

we didnt think to get a picture in front of it, but i did snap a shot for proof. 

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