Awkward & Awesome

this DEFINITELY doesnt look like this...

-the fact that i have 2 hours until im supposed to be packed and at a water park, and all im doing is bloggin. no biggie. 
-how much crap stuff i have. ugh. 
-taking 3 finals in one day, blah.
-i havent seen my niece in a good 2 weeks. :( miss her! 
-how loud some people are in the kitchen in the morning, ESPECIALLY when they can see that there are 4 girls sleeping in the living room. 
-retirement party speeches about the signs of suicide. baha. glad he didnt pull that one at my fathers. 

-my summer break officially started yesterday at 4:30 pm!!!
-Rexburg Rapids in T-minus 2 hours! 
-getting to see my grandparents i havent seen in OVER 3 years. 
-my little brother being asked a question and his reply...
fathers coworker- "how are ya little man?"
kennington- "im not a man! im tin- tin!!"
-getting to play with my little sis and brudder.  :)
-girls trip 2011 set for HOUSTON, TEXAS! cannot wait!

ok im really gonna finish packing now... hahahahahahahahahahaha

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