by far the best weekend i've had in a loooooooong time

Why you ask?! 
Well lets just say it started out with 
seeing one of my bestest friends
 in the whooooole wide world. 
annnnnd then, 
going to LAS VEGAS 
with another one of my best friends!
we partied it up in the big city... 
met a few creepas along the way...
annnnd i got to see
 allllll of the Glee cast was there!
with the exception of the adults,
but there was recordings of them, 
soooo they were involved. 
all i can say is AMAZING!
 alsooo i got to see some of my other friends....
we're the three best friends that anyone could have..... 

i soooo needed to see my ker bear 
and it was sooo great to be able to go 
spend my last weekend as a teenager in 

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