Awkward & Awesome

wowser. i cant believe its already time for this again. geez louise.

-the girl in my class today that 1) kept talking to me while i was trying to take copious notes. 2) would sing when i wouldnt respond to her. shut yer face.
-the s'more cake that i failed at making, and am still going to try to fix it ans serve to people in t minus 2 hours. sounds super sketch to me.
-teachers who say one thing then expect another.
-realizing youre allergic to codeine.... after you've taken it.
-my roommate and her cute little toot in her sleep.

-today is the cutest little 11 year olds birthday!!! happy birthday sister face! love you!
-the surprise party we're gonna have for her!
-surprising my best friend with a fire and cake on her birthday!
-the lazy day music video
-the beatles tribute concert i went to last friday with my family.
this was a picture i took at the concert. the picture on the screen was black and white and was way cute! 

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