I believe it's time to meet Nutso...

sooo here is the deal. remember my parrot, and my owl? well my mom did and the other day she was at good will and she found this cute little squirrel and laughed and gave it to me and said i thought you would like this because you like little creatures and well to be honest yer NUTS. 
and so Nutso was born. 
well my roommates didnt like him, he was shunned from their presence. kinda sad actually. 
sooo he's been living a life of sadness. 
but, last night that ended.  
Soooo begins the 
honestly if you dont get it watch this....

Nutso's 1st bike ride!

Nutso's 1st Denny's Run

Nutso drank a lot of water... so we decided he needed to try to use the restroom. i mean seriously i cant stand it when people dont potty train their squirrels. so inconsistadit. 

well clearly the potty training was a failed attempt... cause well....

he really did feel bad though... 

off to the tub he went...

and im sure glad that the drunkards were the only ones in Denny's cause well Nutso made a scene. 



  1. Oh lady I just about peed my pants. I'm glad you welcomed him into your little family. Be careful that owl and parrot may try to still his nut!

  2. hahah that first picture is my faaaaaaaaaaavorite.