Awkward & Awesome

-i am twenty years old. today. right now. yikes. 
-the wind out there. shooot. 
-drunk boys in vegas. oh and the girls too. 
-the things those drunk girls wore. yikers.
-that one mans "swim suit" at the pool. 
-how tired i was yesterday. i mean i seriously had to take two naps!
-seeing someone in a different state, that you NEVER see at home. seriously if i wanted to "run into" you i would do it in Idaho. 

-i am twenty years young. today. right now. yipee!
-being serenaded "Happy Birthday"  at mid night by one friend when there were 4 others present. ha. 
-surprising my long lost friend at work. 
-seeing Glee live in concert. 
-getting the most amazing birthday package: owl necklace, owl vinyl cut outs, etched owl glasses, and a HILARIOUS card. love you ker bear! 
-the wonderful family that i have, there is something about getting a text that says "have i told you i love you lately? I love you." in the middle of your conversation about where you want your birthday dinner at, that makes a grown woman cry. love you daddy. mean that. 

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