Mexi Baby.

Jaycee Sue... was born on 5/5/2000
meaning that last thurday was her 11th birthday. 
fun fact:  may 5th in Spanish is Cinco de Mayo??
yeah weird. another fun fact: 5/4/2000 my mother was prego with jace face, and she did some flips on the trampoline and then we went out for mexican food, cause she wanted my sista OUT. 
well the very next day.... Cinco de Mayo our mexi baby was born. 
although i was sad that i wasnt the baby of the family anymore, i was sooooooo excited to have jace face in my life. i remember when my mom would be working she would have jace in her swing and i would always pinch her toes so that she would cry so that i could hold her since my mom was busy <insert evil laugh> muahaha. 
like i said in the awkward and awesome post, i threw jace a "surprise" party at my apartment. we had a Cinco  de Mayo ward activity and my fam came up for so i decided to make it special for jay's birthday... 

here is the failed attempt at the S'MORE cake.

here is jace with the piñata Pepito 

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