better late than NEVER.

Soo here is the deal... i said i was going to show you my room.... i procrastinated taking pictures...but without further ado...lets take a tour of my room.
(prepare for picture OVERLOAD.)

standing in the hallway you will see...
 take a step inside and you will see where i sleeeeeeeep.
 this would be my bed. and the extra bed turned couch/daybed thinger. oh and that zebra uhhh curtain??? There so that i can sleep. Remember that porch light that is always on..... yeah. 
please note that the 2 cheetah pillows were made by me... and my mom... from a beach towel. 
 this would be where i study. ok maybe not but looks like it could be used for that purpose :). dont mind the fact that the magnet board hasnt been hung up yet. no biggie. 
 this would be where i get ready. you may ask why the mirror and the jewelery holder are not centered with each other.... well it is because......
 when i open the closet door it doesnt hide my jewelery! 
 do ya see that dresser there in the closet?? well the bottom drawer is filled with all my hair stuff... for example ponytail holders, gel, hair spray, headbands, curling irons, my blow dryer, straighter....ect. convenient. 
this would be where polly now lives. cute.

 this is my whooooole closet.
 please note the owl "painting" above my bed.
 as you are leaving you will see this.... the cork board will not be naked for long. i hope.
before you go... you have to take a look in the mirror. (p.s. mirror was black, from the DI $2.... i sprayed it white, sanded it, slapped on the quote, and modge podged the crap out of it.)
 probably my favorite part of the room is this. #1 its my owl. cute. #2 this sign. seriously sometimes gets me through the day. #3 the shelf they are sitting on was a find from my first DI trip.... ya know when i got the frame for my magnet board... and it was $2. nice.

well glad ya got to see meeeeeee. ok my room. :) 
hope you enjoyed all the many animal prints. hahaha

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  1. Love, love, love it! Thanks for sharing. Lovers your guts girly.