Awkward & Awesome

-being called "girl" by a lady who is 30 years older than you.
-walking into the restroom with the same lady, and having her try to have a full blown conversation while you both PEE. Awkward. Please children don't ever don't ever do this.
-finding out that the calendar you've been looking at for school is a WEEK off. Talk about stressful.
-trying to avoid someone from church at WalMart, and turning down the first aisle i see, which so happens to be the "BEERS & ALCOHOL" aisle. Smooth ky.
-all the OBESE people at the cheese factory in Logan in line at the sample bar.
-ex boyfriends. enough said.

-going to dinner with one of my bestest friends ever.
-the fact that a lady as old as my grandma is one of my bestest friends!
-finally buying a new laptop.
-my IFEA Junior Team taking all around GRAND CHAMP at their last competition this year!
-the strawberry banana shakes that i have made every morning this week. YUM.
-frozen bananas.

that's all..

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