Awkward & Awesome

Saddle up cause this is about to get awkward... (not really.but kinda)

-getting cat called [or how ever you say that] by 9 four year olds. Picture babies saying "Ow Ow."
-my family leaving me home ALONE while they go party in VEGAS.
-the scratch that i got on the screen of my ipod. Thank goodness for those protective cover thingers.
-the lady on the tv that ate her boogers, yes BOOGERS. She claimed it was a family tradition and she wasnt going to stop her kids from doing it. i full on gagged the whole time but puked when she said, "The hard ones taste like chicken."

-me being funny and asking my tiny cheerleaders to tell me one thing they love about me and one of them saying: "i love you because you always ask us that." HAHA i reallly do.
-college professors that are neighbors and in your ward and can get you in to their class that is already overfilled by 5 people.
-FINALLY shaving my legs. :)
-it being warm enough yesterday for me to jump on my tramp! first time of the year!!

that is all.

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