Awkward & Awesome

i love this idea, that Syd from The Daybook has. Awkward & Awesome Thursday is just beautiful, and i don't want to be left out. so here i go.....

-that dirty diaper in the parking lot that i had to walk past to get to my car after work.
-my dad calling me punkin and then realizing i wasn't my little sister and immediately trying to take it back, next time just go with it dad! 
-peeing a little in my pants 3 times in less than a week. {i get scared easily, and laugh hard OFTEN}
-having to wake up and turn on the light in the middle of the night because my sister was hogging the bed. Ok i LOOOVE sleepovers with her, so i guess its kinda awesome. 
-people that have cell phones but don't take them anywhere or even check their messages or missed calls for weeks.
-a mini cheerleader telling her mom i told her team that the tiny team was better then them.
-nippin out. young or old, its AWKWARD.

-my grandma's successful heart surgery! 
-finding out you know someone that is cousins with an amazing fashion blogger whom you only know because you blog stalk! 
-my dad and the rest of his bishopric working so hard to put on a funny talent for their ward talent show, actually its sorta awkward because the talent show is for the kids to show off. ha.
-watching 3 years worth of a tv series in about a month. also sorta awkward.
-my little sister singing the national anthem at a huge hockey tournament.
-lisps. i think i'll have one tomorrow! :)
-the subway commercial with all the old people with little kid voices. looooove it!

thats all :)

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