Awkward & Awesome

- the nasty headache that i have now.
- having peoples fingers in your ears and mouth. ( i'm having physical therapy on my jaw)
- "drool on the face, loss of points!" ok the comment is awesome but the drool on the face not so much.
- that man following me around the DI absoloutly LOVING everything i picked up.
- my tailbone hurting again, mostly just awful, sorta awkward.
- canned tai food. not good.
- the little monster that said he was in preschool, but looked like a 4th grader

- my great finds at the DI. pictures to come!
- how helpful my dad has been with my "great finds" helping me to turn them into something awesome!
- the practice we had last night for our cheerleading nationals on saturday!
- my little sister asking/saying [about breaded chicken] "i wonder whats inside of this. do you know?" me-"uhhh chicken" her-"are ya sure? [takes a bite] oh yeah i guess youre right."

thats all... for now :)

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