Awkward & Awesome

-being slapped in the booty numerous times by my little cheerleaders every practice. (i guess I'm just the right height)
-that lady.boo.
-people at the DI. ah i sure hope I'm not one of the creepy shoppers.
-naughty cheer attitudes.
-people coming to work but not doing their job.
-yes thank you i know i don't get ready to sweat and yell at cheer practice. please don't remind me.
-wearing a skirt with reallllllly looong leg hair. (sorry everybody!)

-the awesome things i found at the DI this week!!!!
-the bag of goldfish i had on my desk this morning from the sweetest man alive! best.day.ever.
-watching 2 Pirates of the Caribbean movies with my obsessive little sister!
-telling my mini team that they need to put "that sucker up" (talking about their pyramid stunt) and having one little flyer ask "am i the sucker?!" hahaha
- diy projects.
-being able to finally wear skirts without freezing my butt off!! Yay spring!

thats all.

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