Oh No.

I have exactly 18 days until i start school. I repeat 18 days. I am no where near ready to start. When i think of ALL the things i need to do before i move, i get really nervous! I have absolutely NO motivation to pack. Figure out all everything for my classes, figure out everything for my living situation. BA! Haha i did purchase a new laptop this week, but that is one little thing on my  GIANT list of things i need to do. Let alone i am working EVERYDAY except Sunday (cause i'm here) up until the day i start school. When will the adrenaline kick in!? I know i am only going to BYUI, but still the day is sneakin up on me! No matter how stress i am, just know that i am SUPER excited! But i will miss working with YOU... (you know who you are!)

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I'm so so very sad that you are leaving so soon what am I ever going to do with out you. I may end up sitting at my desk all day crying. Don't forget about me!