Awkward & Awesome

-the girl in my math class with turrets. animal noises every 10-15 minutes.... its gonna be a LOOONG semester.
-the hail storm the burg had today.
-the crack that is in between the ac unit and my window. talk about freeeezing.
-people telling you what you do and dont like. ummm no thanks i can form my own opinion. ya jerk.
-the porch light that is constantly on right outside my window.
-not being able to see my best buddy 3 times a week. bummer.

-being able to learn about the gospel, and get an education. 2 birds, one stone.
-seeing old friends, meeting new friends, having friends. haha.
-being so close to my little brother and sister!
-the little garden my roommates created in our living room.
-owl necklaces.
-carrots made out of Cheeto's.

that is all.

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