do you really wanna know? cause i'll tell ya....
 today i switched wallets and i decided to really take a look and see whats in MY wallet. 

  1. tithing slips
  2. receipt from high school for my activity card or something... it has a number written on it... but i dont know what it is for.....
  3. USU A Card and true aggie card
  4. receipts
  5. bank slip thingys they give you when you make a deposit or withdrawal
  6. ummmm cards that either give me a discount or i get rewards... you know
  7. MONEY. weird.
  8. check book
  9. post it notes
  10. thermometer 
  11. pen that i need to give back to the chilies lady
  12. visa, visa, mastercard, and ID
  13. band aides
  14. Justin Bieber movie ticket
  15. library card
  16. obama on the "3 cents" (in my opinion he aint even worth that much!)
  17. gift cards
  18. punch cards
  19. coins
wow... maybe i should do this to my purse. 

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  1. Ummm maybe you better not explain everything in your purse! That task may take to long and I would like to see you again before you leave :)