DIY Project

Remember this lovely picture...

(not the frame the actual canvas)

Remember this little guy....

Well, he has friends....

They all live in the trees....

First of all i have to admit how much this project cost me... a total of ZERO dollars. best. project. ever. 
I took the lovely canvas painting and thought that if i sanded it down it would be fine... but no i had to take the canvas off of its frame, paint it, with paint i found in my storage room, and then i re stretched it over the frame. sorta sketchy but it worked. then i did another layer of paint and let dry over night. i already had the owls made from scrapbook paper i already had, but i needed some leaves so i got to work on that, sketched out what i wanted it to look like and then painted the branches, then modge podged the leaves and the owls on. super easy and way fun. 
i got my insperation from here
wanna know what hers looked like? 
hers is way prettier but mine is fun too! 
love you have a happy weekend!

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