Awkward & Awesome

Can you believe it has already been a week? Holy cow!

-the water on top of the sour cream when it is in the refrigerator. i mean seriously, what is that.
-crushes from junior high. meaning people who've had crushes on YOU.
-sunshine. rain. and snow. all in one day. AWKWARD Idaho.
- looking at this girls senior pictures, and then BAM out of no where there is a picture of her in a chair, and this MAN standing right behind her. he is has a culdesac mullet thinger. then reading that it was her father. but seriously who takes a picture with their dad for their senior pictures?!
-telling my little tinys that they were stinky... they all give me the stink eye and frown... so i say just kidding I LOVE YOU.. and then the worst smell ever arises. i spoke way too soon.

-fake glasses, the ones without lenses.
-the DI.
-moving, but the packing part SUCKS.
-getting into all the classes that i need to this semester!
-how obbsessed with shoes my little brother is.
-the sun that is shining right NOW.
-the new chapter in my life that is about to begin!

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