Awkward & Awsome

-idaho weather. seriously. make up your freaking mind. do i need to wear a coat today or not?!
-how much sauce we have in our fridge.
-the massive crowd at the DI on Monday. holy moly guacamole.
-me and my little sister jay ring the door bell of this store (for assistance) because the door was locked at then lookin at the hours of operation and realizing we were an hour late so we ran back to the car as fast as we could. (in our defence the open sign was still lit up)
-the piece of dog doo doo i accidentally painted while  workin on a project... yeah that roller got thrown away.
-i only have 6 more days of work at RMPT what am i going to do without YOU.
-those fat booth photos. i mean people do you really want to even jinx yourself??
-life. always full of surprises.

-i only have 11 more days until i start classes at BYUI!
-my little sister who is a stinkin cutie turns 6. i repeat 6 this weekend! time flys!
-general conference...was it just me or was is extra awesome this time?!
- getting to see the WIENERMOBILE
-the new craft bloggies that i found this week
-photoshop, except when you cant tell if your touching up your photos or makin a blueprint for plastic surgery. lets keep it to a minimal girls. :)
-the cute new jeans my momma got me in Vegas
-i won my office march madness bracket! heck yeah!
-life. always full of surprises.

the end.

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