Awkward & Awesome

-the kid with the nose flute in my American Foundations class
-the nasty sore throat and cough i have acquired
-the huge ripppppppp i got in my jeans from jumpin on the tramp. seriously from the crotch to the knee. yikes.
-my owl "painting" falling on me last night... what the heck.
-the 10 minute voice mails i get from the same kid....EVERYDAY. no thank you.
-not being able to see my work family... miss you!

-completing my first week at byui without breaking too many rules!!
-going to The Daybook Blogger meet up
-the nice manicure i got with this little cutie
-getting to play with one of my bestest firends in the whole wide world
-the freaking adorable letter from this lady, annnnnnnnnd the new (and old) earrings!!! THANK YOU! love you!!
-the dollarstore trip i had with a few of my roommates
-being Gretchen for the night

that is all!! :)

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