Awkward & Awesome

-the lady who sat next to me in the taylor building yesterday and kept "spitting" air.
-the cracks in the bathroom stalls. yep i am pulling up my pants, and yes we did just make eye contact.
- people who are "too busy" to go to their internships, and watch movies instead.
-being soooo thirsty all the time, soooo drinking water all the time, and having to peeeee every 5 minutes.
-cute boys, who are in your class, adding you on facebook, and then you find out they are pre-mi's.
-rain. sunshine. rain. rain. rain. sunshine. MAKE UP YOUR MIND REXBURG.
-how long my nails are right now. wowser.

-the zoo.
-the new GLEE cd. freakin love it.
-my watermelon toe nails.
-friends that will paint your toenails.
-hanging out by the fire. only six more weeks until i can do that every night.
-knowing secrets.
-family and friends.

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