Famous last words...

Sooo creepy thing just happened. 
i am currently laying in bed, trying to fall asleep, with no luck. 
ok that wasnt the creepy part. ha 
while trying to fall asleep my mind went a wandering. 
i thought about what i wanted my headstone to say.
okay well i was thinking about different quotes and such, 
and that's what i wanted to talk about today. 
my most commonly used phrase. 
"i just peed a little."
the forms of this phrase vary from time to time. 
ive heard myself say:
"im gonna peeeeeeeeee."
"you made me pee!"
"i think i may have peed."
"wait...hold on, i think i just peed."
ok you get the point.
Well i just want to talk about the fact that most of the time,
 i probably dont pee a little.
But there are those few occasions. 
for example.
-when i laugh entirely way to hard 
-when someone scares the pee out of me
-when i tumble
-when i do back tucks on the trampoline
-and when i just plain cant hold it
Ive heard myself say this for as long as i can remember, here is a video from my senior year ( taken over 2 years ago) to prove it:
ps... all that screaming, may or may not have came from me. 
skycoaster is scary ok?

love you all, i have to go pee now, bye bye! 

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