Same Face. New Name.

Soooo i have to admit that i hated what i named my blog. i mean really kylee's korner?! what is a korner. a made up thing, thats what. Well its me forever to "think" up something different. Last night i decided that "kylee's korner" HAD to go. So i turned to my good friend... Urban Dictionary. I looked up KYLEE. This is what it told me.... 
1.Kylee252 up129 down
A sexy female who loves skaters
She looks like a kylee
2.Kylee143 up75 down

prolly one of the finest italian girls you'll ever meet. with one of the nicest asses you'll ever see. she's great in bed and is a good friend and lover!
Damn did you see that Kylee! hah
3.kylee97 up34 down
Very outgoing. a good friend to rely on in times of need. very trust worthy and fun.The type of girl who sleeps with many people ,The best mother fucking friend ever .Clearly the most rediculously awesome person ever. You just dont get more awesome than Kylee .An extremely beautiful girl who is liked by many people, very smart and caring, athletic and surprising at everything she does. She can make anybody laugh and loves to smile. She is not like any other, she's amazing. She has friends that are incredible. She's so much fun and likes to take risks , A girl that laughs. And laughs..and laughs. A Kylee is when somebody is always doing something that you never expect or that is random, you just can't help but to laugh toob.
(kylee)(awesome)(awesomeness)(amazing)(cool)(rad) (bangin)(gangsta)(happy)(girl)(kylie)(hyper)(random)(funny) (laugh)(smart)(nice)(pretty)(adventurous)(herself)(outgoing) (friend)(cute)(trust)(fun)(kylee)(wonderful)(best friend)(ever)

Funny right?! ok well the sentance that caught my attention was this one:
1.Kylee252 up129 down
A sexy female who loves skaters
She looks like a kylee
and there you have the new name of my blog. :) the end. 

She looks like a Kylee 

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