What happens in Vegas....

Soooooo you know the saying... "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" Well its been modified... "What happens in Vegas, will eventually end up on Facebook."
 hahaha so true. 

This weekend for my dad's 50th birthday we ventured to Sin City.
Nutso wasnt invited this time, well i actually didnt want to risk the airport takin him away from me. cause well ya never know. 

the weekend was filled with laughing, laying out, eating, and having a good time. 
here are some pictures from the weekend. 

[funny quotes from the weekend included:]

my mom to my dad: "Go get in the shower bub so we can go to dinner."
me: "Sooooo you're callin him BUB now?!"
Jaquel: "No, that's his 50 year old name."

reason #1224435654634 why my family is funnier than yours. 

this one isn't really a quote, but a Mexican restaurants "slogan" was... "So authentic you can't drink the water!"

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